Disturbia (Blu-Ray & HD DVD)

Blu-Ray & HD DVD Covered In Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover is pretty bold and if it weren’t for the colored pasted in parts it would actually be one of my favorites for a while. The menu, BEWARE, this little gem of a menu gives you clips of the movie ALL THE WAY THROUGH. My husband, having the forethought to know that the consequences of me seeing clips from the whole movie would be seriously unpleasant, skipped to the beginning of the movie before I got in the room. He said, “You won’t want to see that menu until after you see the movie.” and he was soooo right.

Features: 7/10

  • Director & Cast Commentary – This is a touchy one. I did like the movie, but when it comes time to watch a movie again to listen to the commentary I really really really need to LIKE the movie. The director is fairly into the Hollywood machine mode and sounds more like a producer sometimes than a director. It’s worth the time to listen to if you loved the movie and want to hear them chit chat about tales on the set.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – I’m not sure anymore how to discuss deleted scenes. I mean, they are what they are. Someone down the road of editing and post production made the decision to trim and cut the content of the movie. In this case the deleted bits are not missed at all. I’m not even sure why they stuck them on the DVD except to pump up the content.
  • The Making Of Disturbia (HD) – This is a good documentary type offering that covers the making of the movie from Caruso’s description of when Steven Spielberg called him and asked him to do the movie through the final scenes being filmed. We do get to meet the cast and get a closer look at the atmosphere on the set. It’s a good Featurette and it’s in HD, which is even better.
  • Serial Pursuit Trivia Pop Up Quiz – We have a 51 inch HD TV. I’m only telling you this because when we tried to do the pop up trivia stuff they were so small and hard to read it was hysterical. I’m not sure if it’s the resolution thing, or just that whoever made the pop ups has amazing eye sight, but either way, be prepared to squint a bit. The content of the pop ups vary from boring to barely interesting. Some snaps about real life killers, some stuff about making the movie and the cast/crew.
  • Outtakes & Bloopers (HD) – Giggles, props messing up, fouling up lines, bloopers are so old school. If you are going to put them on the DVD, give us like an hour of material so it’s worth our time to navigate into that portion of the DVD.
  • Music Video (HD) – Not an extra.
  • Photo Gallery – Normally I don’t care at all about the photo gallery because you have to sit through the slow-ass slide show and most of the images are mind numbingly boring. However, this is an HD collection which means you are in control so it’s not that torturous to look through the small collection of behind the scenes photos.
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD) – Not an extra but it being in HD sure makes it look pretty.

Movie: 7/10
If you are a “film buff” you might cringe at my score for this movie. I am realistic about these reviews. I did like the movie. I didn’t love the movie and it’s not a great film by any stretch of the imagination. It’s got the elements of a modern popcorn flick, which is perfectly acceptable in my book. It is what it is. A thriller mixed with a romance, mixed with some comedy. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about the genetic genre hybrid adventure that Disturbia took me on.

Yes, it felt like an adventure. It’s a story about a teenager, played by Shia LaBeouf, who is dealing with some internal struggles and ends up on house arrest. The heart of this movie is kind of chopped up and shared between a few concepts.

First it’s a coming of age story about teen angst. A boy learning to cope with loss and holding onto his relationship with his mother.

Next it’s about young love/lust, enough said.

Following teen lust comes the comedy. Not only is LaBeouf always clipping a few comedic comments and reactions, Aaron Yoo, who plays his best friend is almost total comic relief stuck in between the cracks of death and sexy girls in bikinis.

And then it’s about people watching people. The kid ends up on house arrest and to kill time he watches his neighbors and taps into their dark little secrets.

Finally there’s the serial killer angle. Is the quiet neighbor who used to be a doctor at St. Elsewhere a horrible killer, or is house arrest making our troubled teen a bit loopy?

The action scenes are really good. The sets are all really well put together, in an authentic suburbia kind of way. The performances are all good. Trinity is the mother of a teenage boy!! And from start to finish I really felt like I had been on a journey with our leading young man. You would think all this praise adds up to an excellent movie, it’s just not quite enough for some reason.

Disturbia is what the hip kids refer to suburbia as these days, I guess. Or maybe that’s just what some screen writer thought would be a catchy name of a movie about how things look perfect driving down the street, but behind closed doors who knows what evil lurks there…. Either way the title hinted at a darker kind of movie that never really happens. Yes, there is the whole serial killer element, but it’s never as bleak or gritty as other movies with the same subject matter.

I love dark and morbid stories, Disturbia is held back from being too grim with all the comedy floating around along with lots of booty shots of a young chick in a swimming pool. It all works together well enough to make it entertaining and suspenseful, it’s just got a little too much going on to focus on one of the individual plot lines enough to be fully satisfied. It does get a 7 from me overall because it’s got an entertaining vibe, extremely well made, and well worth a Summertime movie night with lots of popcorn.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully) 8/10
We took a look at Disturbia on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray during this review, and I was pleasantly surprised that the transfers were both identical. Using the VC1 codec to its fullest Disturbia looks pristine on either format. The opening shots of a boy and his dad fishing with amazing looking mountains as a backdrop were one of the standout scenes for me. Audio is great with a mixture of formats on the disc to choose from, I found the DTS 6.1 track to be the most lively of the bunch and when the movie kicks into high gear near the end your Subwoofer really gets a workout. Disturbia might not be the movie HD formats were made for, but its a significant upgrade over the standard DVD for sure. The question though is the upgrade worth the extra money?

Value: 6/10
I’m not a big enough fan of this movie to want to own it no matter what the price is. I say it’s a rental for anyone who just wants a casual evening of movie watching. If you love love love it then you can buy it and have a Disturbia party and invite your friends over to watch the movie and then watch your neighbors…um, no don’t spy on your neighbors. You wouldn’t want them to spy on you.

Overall Score 7/10