Definitely, Maybe

Cover Art and Menu: 4/10
The cover is just your basic movie cover. I don’t really care much for it. It features all of the main characters, including Ryan Reynolds with cute little Abigail Breslin on his shoulders. It is not horrible, but it definitely is not great. Pretty boring actually

The menu is the same shot as the cover, and it is static, so again, not a big fan.

Features: 6/10
Definitely, Maybe includes deleted scenes, a commentary track with Ryan Reynolds and director Adam Brooks, and two shorts that go into how the film was made, and how the design of the film changed throughout production.

The deleted scenes didn’t really add much, but are worth a look. There were only four, so it is not like viewing them will eat up too much of your time.

The commentary was a bit bland, but then again, this is a romantic comedy, and therefore there really isn’t too much to describe. Ryan Reynolds and Adam Brooks both come off as pretty good people.

The first short was entitled “Creating a Romance” which was about 12 minutes long, and involved almost all of the lead characters, and Adam Brooks and two of the film’s producers. It basically was a big round of interviews discussing the making of the film. There are some good parts here, and it is a decent watch.

The last short is called “The Changing Times of Definitely, Maybe.” This again was very short at around 5 minutes long, and it dealt with the fact that this movie is basically set in the recent past, or more directly the 1990’s up to the present. This Featurette goes in to detail on the costumes and the set as it progressed from 1993 until the present day.

The Movie: 9/10
Definitely, Maybe is a romantic comedy. If you didn’t already know that, then you haven’t looked at the cover or seen any of the previews. Make no bones about it, this one is a “chick flick” if there ever was one. Ryan Reynolds plays the good looking Will, who is the father of Maya, played by Abigail Breslin. Will is a good dad, who is forced into the uncomfortable position of having to explain to his daughter why he and Maya’s mom are getting divorced. Maya begs him to explain to her his past, and how he and her mother got together, and in doing so, Will lays out the story of 3 different women who he has had serious relationships with. Will not telling Maya who is her real mother in the story (by changing most of the names) Maya is forced to try to pick out who her dad ended up marrying.

It is a unique way to tell the story of Will’s romantic past, and it provides a neat way to involve Maya, as the daughter longing to find out just who was her dad’s real life love. As the story unfolds, Maya, and the audience, are left to decide just which of the three women is Maya’s mother, and how Will ended up with her. The women, played brilliantly by Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks, and Rachel Weisz, are totally different characters, and have totally different relationships with Will. In the end, the truth is unfolded in a nice, candy-coated ending, that while slightly predictable is still charming and fun.

I really enjoyed Definitely, Maybe, and I thought the acting and the story were well done. It is a romantic comedy, but the story and the acting were really fresh and enjoyable. This is not a real brain teaser of a film by and stretch, but it is not supposed to be. This is a light-hearted romance story, and Ryan Reynolds and the cast make it both fun and funny.

So take away my man card, and make me drink Zima, but I thought that Definitely, Maybe was a great film. There I said it.

Video & Audio:The video was pretty sharp for a standard DVD. I didn’t notice too much in terms of fuzz of haze, and the colors were really bright. The blacks were sometimes a bit off, but overall a decent transfer.Audio was again spot on. Most of the DVD’s that are being put out lately really seem to have the levels nailed, as the dialogue in these romantic comedies is really crisp, and never seems to get too washed out by the music. Again, this one was well done.

Value: 8/10
Yes, I loved this movie. It was a great romantic comedy, but it was also a great story. I liked the twist on the straight ahead story telling that was developed here, and it really gave Ryan Reynolds a nice way to interact with child star of the moment Abigail Breslin, who was once again, very good. I will watch this again, and while I know Ascully may rip on me for liking the romantic comedies, I can’t help myself. I recommend this movie for at least a rental, and I know that it will be viewed a few times in my house, so if you can find a good price, why not pick it up?

Overall Score 7/10