Cross DVD Review

The Movie: 2/10
I will admit that I had not heard of the movie Cross before I got it to review.  The cover features Brian Austin Green, with a green celtic looking cross glowing on his chest, which reminded me of the Green Lantern and Iron Man.  The cover also feaured Michael Clark Duncan (I was starting to think that you needed  to have three names to get a starring role in this movie), and British badass actor and ex footballer Vinnie Jones, and when Vinnie is is a movie, it uesually is a pretty fun watch.  There is a cartoonstyle font on the tag line at the bottom of the cover discussing big guns, hard sticks, and exploding balls.  Mix that in with big gunson the cover, and I had some high hopes.  This to me was going to be a comic book type of action movie with a few notable actors, and Vinnie Jones.  What could  go wrong?  Well. . .

Cross is a straight to DVD release for a reason, and that reason is that the movie is not good.  Brian Austin Green plays Callan, who totes a mjagical green glowing cross that gives him special powers.  He is immune to bullets and can move objects, and Callan uses his cross, given to him by his father, for good.  When Los Angeles has a rash of missing females, Callan and his grouup of “weapons experts” take to the streets to use his magic powers to battle the crime boss Elrik (Michael Clarke Duncan) as he teams up with the Gunnar, an immortal Viking (Vinnie Jones).  The unbelievable story is only matched by the unbelievable dialogue and very weak story and character development.  The three main characters and Lori Heuring try their best to make this work, but given the source material, there really is just nor much here to grab onto.

I really wanted Cross to be a lower budget comic book movie that was full of guns and explosions, which it is, but the rest of the movie is just not good enough to make one want to sit through the whole thing.  The movie is stylistic, with some neat graphic text overlays that were used well to give this more of a comic book feel, but when the bad CGI was mixed in, it kind of killed the whole style.  There are lots of B level actors making cameos in the movie also, which is fun, but overall Cross as a movie is regretably forgettable.

Features: 2/10

  • Commentary With Director Patrick Durham – This commentary consists of cast alllouts and location mentions, and is severely limited in terms of information and scope.
  • Alternate Ending – This alternate ending is literally maybe a 25 second scene where a supposed comedic ending is used.  Basically Jake Busey’s character shows up after everything has gone down, which is supposed to be funny.  The movie’s real ending is more of a comic book, tough guy type of ending, which is at least better than this alternate.
  • Deleted Scenes – There are several deleted scenes, including a different title sequence and a few forgettable scenes that were not good enough for the movie.
  • Animatic – There is a animated storyboard for the opening sequence included also.

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
The cover for Cross features a few of the main characters in verious “bad ass” types of poses, with the green cross prominently displayed on the chest of Callan (Brian Austin Green).  The mennu is the same cover shot, with absolutely no audio or music whatsoever.  I guess the cover photo is not completely horrible, but its not great either.

Audio & Video: 5/10
The video for Cross is a 1.85:1 widescreen presentation , which is very bland and suffers from the strange shot choices.  There are a few issues with uneven black levels thoughout the movie. and the cinematography is questionable at best.  The special effects here deserve a special callout, as they literally take you out of the scenes, as they really are not well done at all.

The sound was pretty decent though, with the 5.1 Surround Sound being heavily used here with decent effect.  The dialogue was at times a bit low, but overall the audio was okay.

Value: 1/10
I hate to pan a movie that seems to have such good intentions, but Cross is really just not very good.  The DVD has little to no real staying value, as this is not something you are going to want to watch again, if you make it through the first watch.  It is a shame, as Vinnie Jones is such a fun villian, and who doesn’t really love a comic book type of movie?  Cross is just not good, period.

Overall Score 2/10