Creed Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
I loved it. From start to finish I was in all the way with Creed. I am not a huge Rocky fan, so go figure.  What made this movie so good for me was pretty much everything. The casting is just right. Michael B Jordan is amazing. He does the boxer tough guy thing well, and then he has those moments of being genuinely just a person, a dude with emotions and a life of his own internal struggles to deal with. I can’t say that our Rocky was the same back in the day. I mean, there was emotion from Sly, but in that ADRIENNE!! kind of way, not the deep subtle type that our young Creed shows. Speaking of Sly, awesome. Really, as an actor he has honed in on so many good qualities of how to be this character, but also just be in the moment and not be too bombastic or theatrical with it.

Our leading/supporting young woman, Tessa Thompson, is right for the part. She is not obnoxiously THAT singer/troubled soul that we have become brainwashed to think is desirable and interesting. It is not. She is not that, well, a hint of it, but not fully. She holds her own with a strength mixed with subtly just like her young Creed counterpart.

The look of the movie is new but hearkens back to those late 70’s early 80’s flicks with the grit of the city combined with the newness of what film making can bring to the screen. We see iconic scenes and sets and images that are not tarnished by some boring slickness the director and cinematographer felt the need to jazz up. It’s all straight forward, without tricks to get you hyped up, instead it just let’s the story live in that world and I like that.

As for the boxing, yea it’s good:) Trust me I am NOT a fight scene person. I have enjoyed or been entertained by a few in my time, but not very many. This time around I was ready to let my mind wander but then the boxing started and I was not looking away with my eyes or my brain for a second. It was not like we don’t know how things will go down in a Rocky/Creed movie, but still, the excitement of the fighting choreography with the camera work and the editing is amazing.

The music brings the movie to life without being too preachy about this, our favorite underdog story of all ages:)

Overall, I loved it.

Features: 6/10

  • Know The Past Own The Future (15 Minutes) – Quite a good mini making of with interviews with the entire cast. It also shows lots of clips from the old movies.
  • Becoming Adonis (6 Minutes) – This featurette covers the year-long training that actor Michael B Jordan went through to get ripped for the part.
  • Deleted Scenes (20 Minutes) – The best part of the entire disc. All of these deleted scenes are worth watching, hell they would be great put back into the film as some sort of directors cut. They actually make Creed a better film and any fan would be silly to skip them.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 6/10
I like the movie enough to want a poster, and this cover might just be good enough…but I’m still thinking about it. It’s good and speaks to the story of the movie, so yea, I’ll have it.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Warner’s 1080P AVC encoded Blu-ray has exceptional image quality on par with the greatest looking releases of 2016. The film was shot digitally so it features a huge amount of sharpness and detail. Black levels and skin tones are also exceptional. The film comes on a BD-50 and uses about 40Gb of the space, it’s weird how some of the studios do not add a little more bit rate to fill the empty space. Still the film looks great regardless.

The 7.1 Lossless DTS-HD MA track is a stunner with a WIDE amount of dynamic range that goes from a whisper to an explosive punch. The Rocky theme is used sparingly but when it does kick in you will feel those hairs stand up on your neck as the nostalgia takes you back to a simpler time. Special mention should be made to the ambient surround sound, during any of the fights the directional sound of Stallone’s voice really lets you know where he is in relation to Adonis. It’s an impressive effect that even works if you close your eyes.

Overall Creed is an amazing looking and sounding Blu-ray release that makes me wish for a newly remastered rocky 1-6 set, are you listening Warner?

Overall Score 9/10