Crazy Stupid Love Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 8/10
Crazy Stupid Love is a romantic comedy, and one that really has more to it than just a love story and some jokes. The acting here is great, and the story is even a bit unexpected at times, which is refreshing. This is by far my favorite Steve Carell movie to date, and the rest of the cast is wonderful. Cal (Carell) finds himself, as a middle age man, on the wrong side of life when his wife of numerous years (Julianne Moore) informs him that she has had an affair. Cal is literally thrown into a whirlwind of despair, as he basically sees his life crumble in front of his eyes. (Of course Carell’s portrayal of the shellshocked Cal is in itself hysterical).

Cal finds himself at odds with his wife and his work, as well as his family and friends, and he ends up running into Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), who is a single, attractive guy who can’t understand how and why Cal has allowed himself to become what he is, which is pathetic. Jacob takes on the task of totally making over Cal, in the hopes of helping him rediscovering his manhood, so that he can move on with his life.

The interplay between the two actors is great, and the transformation is stunning. Soon Cal is turning heads and his whole outlook in life has changed. During that same time, Jacob runs into a girl who doesn’t initially fall for his suave routine. Hannah, (Emma Stone) ends up changing Jacob, who is not used to letting anyone in to see his true self or emotions, and like Cal, he is forced to deal with life in a new manner, as he decides that perhaps a relationship is not the end of the world after all.

The emotions and story for this movie seem genuine, and the great acting really adds some depth to what could have been another mediocre romantic comedy. Instead, we get a truly fun little film, that is solid from start to finish.

Features: 3/10

  • Steve & Ryan Walk Into A Bar – This extra is just Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell sitting in the bar from the movie talking about the movie and the characters that they play. Pretty standard stuff.
  • The Player Meets His Match – This feature focuses on Jacob, the ladykiller. This is short and touches a lot of the same ideas from the first extra, as they discuss Ryan Gosling’s character as he morphs in the movie.
  • Deleted Scenes – There are a number of deleted scenes included here, and most are really stoic and not that great. There are a few that are funny, like the bathroom scene with Cal and Jacob, but most are not missed.
  • DVD Version of the Movie – You also get the standard version of the movie, not in high definition.

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The cover for the movie is pretty decent, with nice color, and great shots of the main characters. It is not great, but it is stylish and adequate. The menu is static and really not all that exciting. The music is even a bit tame, giving the menu a boring feel.  It just was kind of a downer after watching such a good little movie.

Audio & Video: 8.5/10
The audio for the movie is really pretty strong, with nice bass and overall umph. This is a romantic comedy and so don’t expect booms or crashes that risk the house, but this was solid. The video, presented in 1080p AVC encoded MPEG-4 high definition is also really solid. There was a little bit of noticeable grain here and there, so again this was not the sharpest Blu-ray that I have ever seen, but it was a really nice visual presentation.  This is not a Blu-ray that you will pop in to show off the wonders of high definition or blow up your floor with the rocking bass from the audio, but for this movie everything works out well.

Value: 7/10
I am not totally sure about the replay value of this one. Once you have seen it, the originality and freshness of the movie kind of wears off, so it may not be one that you view over and over again. Having said that, I ally enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to almost all who love movies. The extras are a bit thin, but the movie and Blu-ray presentation is good.  Like I said, this is my favorite Steve Carell movie so far, and I was impressed by everyone involved.  Julianne Moore is amazing, as is Ryan Gosling (did I just write that?)  Emma Stone is perky and likable, and I thought even Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon were great.  This is a wonderful, clever little romantic comedy that is definitely worth a view.

Overall Score 8.5/10