Coraline Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
A cover I love. That’s rare, and unexpected, but joyous and excellent. Coraline isn’t your standard fairy tale, and as such gets a lovely look along with a unique package. The box has a mirrored effect, the artwork is cool, and the menu follows suit.

Features: 9/10

  • Deleted Scenes – These are very brief little bits of scenes that were cut for time and content. From what they say, you don’t want to be cutting footage from a stop frame animation movie, too much work involved.
  • The Making Of – The writer/director talks about why he made the movie along with detailed mini-extras that go through the process of each element, the puppets, the clothes, the style, voices, etc. It’s a very thorough extra that gives me just about everything I want to know about Coraline.
  • Voicing The Characters – This is a standard behind the scenes look at the actors doing their voice acting. A microphone, a script, and a famous person, that’s about what these kinds of extras on animated features consist of, not bad, not great, just neutral for me.
  • Creepy Coraline – There are lots of bugs and creepy crawly things in the movie. This covers how they design and create the little buggers.
  • Feature Commentary – I really really enjoyed the movie, so I love watching again with the commentary, sooo, that’s not much of a review of this feature except to say if you like the movie you will like the commentary. The director and composer are very enthusiastic about making this movie, so it’s a nice conversation to listen in on while you soak up the beautiful animation one more time.
  • DVD Version – Give this one to the kids to have in their room:)
  • Digital Copy – Put this one on your laptop so you can watch Coraline at work or on the bus or wherever it is you watch movies on your laptop.

The Movie: /10
There’s this girl and her parents are too busy and they moved to an old creepy house and she’s bored and she feels neglected and she finds a secret door and there are dancing mice and weird neighbors and an evil witch and a talking cat and button eyes and and and…breath. Ok, I love this movie, so anything you read from here on out is going to be a love fest. You have been warned.

It’s not a new story by any means. A young girl who’s parents are busy with their jobs have moved her to a new town, old house, new life, where she is finding it hard to feel comfortable. She’s bored and looking for an adventure. She is introduced to some interesting characters, Whybie, the odd boy who’s grandmother owns the house, becomes the ying to her yang. The ex-actresses who live downstairs who recall their glory days by wearing tight clothes, pampering their dogs, and reading tea leaves. And then there is Bozinski, the ex-circus performer who lives upstairs and is creating a jumping mouse circus in secret.

They are all colorful, odd, quirky, interesting, and a bit scary for young Coraline. She just wants to spend time with her parents. They write for a gardening catalogue and yet they will never go outside with her to work in their own garden. She’s feeling alone and blah when she discovers a hidden door that leads to her “other” life. In her other life she meets her other mother and other father. They are everything her real parents are not, so you can imagine, she likes the attention and their custom made personalities.

Well, anyone who has ever read a cautionary tale or watched a movie or play in which a cationary tale is told will quickly know that this “other” world isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, unfortunately. We would all like an OTHER world, no bills, no mortgage, no jobs, no jerks in traffic, just good food, good movies, good times. 🙂 Then again, there would be a price to pay, just like for Coraline.

Oh, her name is Coraline, not Caroline, and that’s addressed through the story, of course.

I love the dark brooding style of Coraline. It’s charming in a good way, and it completely draws me in moment after moment after moment to see what will happen next, and what will appear on the screen next. I’m fascinated by the puppetry, the stop frame animation, and the incredible craft it really is. I don’t have that in the front of my mind while I watch though, I am hypnotized by the characters, the music, and the way it takes me to my other world, the world of movies. 🙂

The voices are all really good. I do think Terri Hatcher has found her calling though, wow. She does an excellent job with the voices of the three characters she plays. I think she should do more animation, it suits her voice.

Overall it’s awesome. I think I’ll go watch it again, right now. Where’s my popcorn!?

Audio & Video: 10/10 (By Ascully)
Coraline in HD is a revelation. I thought A Nightmare Before Christmas looked good, but Coraline tops it in many ways. It’s obvious this style of animation really comes to life when presented in 1080P in the wide screen format. The colors are so vivid. However, the 3D version looks horrible through the red/green glasses as it messes with the colors and makes everything look purple. I would advise sticking to the 2D version if you want to see the movie in all its glory. There are also lots of instances of fine detail such as Coraline’s hair and her Dad’s sweatshirt. Such details that would be lost in the low resolution DVD offers.

Audio is simply stunning with a louder than usual DTS Master soundtrack that really gives the surround speakers a workout. There are moments of sheer brilliance in this soundtrack that are represented perfectly in the home theater environment when played back on  the right equipment. Overall Coraline is a beautiful showcase Blu-Ray disc that I will almost certainly be popping in the player to show off my cinema screen when friends visit. Awesome movie, awesome Blu-Ray disc pick this one up.

Value: 8/10
I’m a fan of this movie, so I want to own it. I want to pay $15.00, but that’s my dream. If you can find Coraline online or in the store for around 20 bucks, it’s a good deal if you are like me and plan to watch it many times.

Overall Score 9/10