Cop Out Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
It’s a comedy with two big name stars playing a buddy cop duo….so, this cover really misses the mark. 🙂 It’s fine, it’s kind of cute, so fair enough. The menu is just plain and to the point. The packaging isn’t fancy, but it serves it’s purpose. I wouldn’t want the cover as a poster, but it’s fine for being tucked on the shelf, hidden for most of its life.

Features: 10/10 (yes, 10 out of 10)

  • Maximum Movie/Comedy Mode – Absolutely the best feature to rewatch a movie so far in this modern age of Blu-Ray extras. If you like the movie, you’ll love this mode. Watch it (it’s essentially a 3 hour directors cut of the movie) , get more popcorn, more beverages, and relax for the ride with director Kevin Smith who really makes it a lot of fun.
  • Wisdom From The S*** Bandits –You can see/hear these tids and bits from the flaky shit bandit character. They are pretty fun, but throw away for me.
  • Focus Points –The elements of Maximum Comedy Mode put into easy-to-use itemized list so you can pick and choose your desired extras.

The Movie: 6/10
Cop Out only blossoms for me because of some awesome casting choices, and because I know the man behind the camera. Well, I don’t KNOW him, but I”m familiar and very fond of his work. Kevin Smith didn’t write it, but I feel the vibe behind the scenes, some how, some way. Am I crazy? Am I finding things that are not there and then turning that into a more enjoyable experience? Yes. So what? I enjoyed this movie 80% due to Smith, 18% for the content, and 2% not at all:) Hey, fair is fair.

I like the cast, but with a twist. I say the supporting characters and cast WAY outshine the lead characters and “stars”.  Juan Carlos Hernandez is a compelling and crazy bad guy. His nuances of a man on the edge, killer, thief, baseball paraphernalia collector, make him an eye catching boost to the whole movie. Cory Fernandez plays the bad guys younger, intense brother who welds a gun most of the time and says nothing but he’s awesome! I wanted more more more of his tattooed self. He convinced me he was violent and heartless, and menacing.

As for the real show stoppers, the women! Ana de la Reguera plays a woman who has been kidnapped, terrified, and kept in a trunk of a car for 2 days. She is absolutely THE best part of the whole flick. She’s firey and solid and upstages every single person in the frame with her  including Bruce Willis. I mean, she outshines him because she’s so good, and I want to see her in more movies, right now.

Rashida Jones is always someone I enjoy watching. She’s natural and credible. I feel like she hasn’t pushed the edges of characters she could play, they are all young women with a strong personality but friendly and engaging. I want to see her toughen up, get hardened, more emotional. My fingers are crossed.

The story of Cop Out is OK for me. I like the idea that a father has to protect his own pride in the face of his daughter’s step father being the hero of her wedding. It’s a small thing, but it’s good that it’s not about revenge or saving the family farm or something like that. It’s simple and to the point but with a lot of layers of (attempted) comedy, and quality action/stunts thrown in with some (genuine) hard laughs that spring from unexpected, and probably unplanned moments.

Kevin Smith might be the silent partner in the final watching experience of Cop Out, and you might be one of the haters out there saying it’s not up to his standard of unique life comedy. Whatever. I say he has loaded his own secret fun juice 🙂 and that’s good enough for me.

Audio & Video: 7/10 (by Ascully)
I think Kevin Smith himself would be the first to admit his films are not the best looking Hollywood has to offer and Cop Out is no exception. Born and bred as an indie film maker with low budgets and even lower film stock Kevin’s movies are more about content than the visuals. Cop Out is probably the best looking of Smith’s movies as it has the highest budget but that doesn’t mean it looks great all the time on this Blu-Ray disc. The transfer is great don’t get me wrong it’s the actual shots that are occasionally muddy and lacking in detail. It’s a strange movie in HD as some of the shots are pristine, sharp and colorful with great black levels, on the other hand some of the night shots are full of noise and a liberal layer of grain that doesn’t help matters (you could say it adds to the 80’s throwback feel though.

The DTS-HD Master Audio track is another matter though, this is Smith’s most action laden movie and the soundtrack captures every gunshot and car smash perfectly. A special nod must be given to Harold Faltermeyer’s awesome 80’s inspired soundtrack that really sets the tone, I mean of you are going to do a Homage what better composer to utilize.

So overall Cop Out is a mixed bag in terms of presentation on Blu-Ray but the awesome Smith Hosted Maximum Comedy Mode lifts this above many other discs to a must purchase for Smith fans.

Value: 7/10
For a bit of fun, a few laughs and an excellent extra-features value, this is a good one for our Kevin Smith collection. If you just want that comedy cop thing for a few giggles, rent it. I hope it’s in stores for less than 20 bucks, but that’s me in my dream world where people actually realize that a movie isn’t worth the same amount of money as a couple days’ worth of food. For less than twenty, go for it, but more than that…hmmmm I’d be hard pressed to add it to my DVD shelf.

Overall Score 7/10