Cop Car Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
I really really really enjoyed this movie. I can’t say much more than that to get you interested. I could tell you the cast is amazing from the kids who are the leads to Kevin Bacon who surprised me with his commitment to this character. I could say it’s the pace, methodically calm and with great intention to ease you into the situation, but with a certain lump in the pit of your stomach. I could say it’s the story, but you have to see it for yourself to know that part of it. When I really like a movie I don’t want to give away much about it, that’s how they are more enjoyable to me, so I will pass that along. If you want to know the whole story before you watch it, well, yuck.

A movie can transform me, not just let my mind go to a place or time, but it can get me into the mindset of a character. It can be someone I have a lot in common with, or someone I would never encounter in a lifetime. Our Sheriff, our boys, even the “man” we come across, all of these characters are folks I will never ever understand from the inside, but they are written and allowed to be performed in a way that transforms my middle-aging woman mind to as close as I can get to a jerk, young boys in a terrifying situation, and another jerk. I’m attached and involved, or repulsed, all because this movie does it all correctly. I watch the boys and their childhood wafting around them about to clash with a storm of adult bad choices and behavior, which makes this film kind of special really.

This is a serious but lighthearted movie at the same time. It goes to dark places, but the charm of the boys and their adventure balances it out. I would settle in to a Friday night with a couple of beers, a cozy blanket, and someone who loves movies to watch Cop Car. After that, if you want more serious Bacon, watch The Woodsman. After THAT have a laugh and watch Antiques Roadshow..YES compared to Cop Car and The Woodsman, it’s a laugh riot!

Features: 1/10

  • Their First And Last Ride: The Making Of Cop Car (3 Minutes) – A very short making of clip that showcases one stunt from the movie, fans of the film will be better off looking on YouTube for more in-depth interviews with the director and cast.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I think the cover missed an opportunity to include the amazing young boys who really starred in this movie. That being said, it’s still pretty good. I wouldn’t have it as a poster though. I’m a vegetarian. (BACON..get it….?…never mind)

Audio & Video: 8/10
Cop Car comes to Blu-ray in a no frills bare bones disc, the actual presentation of the movie is pristine though. Using the 1080P AVC codec to its fullest, the transfer is sharp detailed and makes the cinematography here look simply amazing. Skin tones are accurate and black levels are usually spot on ( a couple of night-time scenes near the end show some black crush). Overall this is a good-looking disc that makes this indie movie look like a AAA blockbuster.

The DTS-HD master Audio 5.1 soundtrack is very simple but very effective. Smaller movies like this usually skimp on sound design but not here, tons of detail including grass brushing across the side speakers, cop sirens whizzing around the sound stage and gunshots that sound like they are in the room with you. The most important part of the movie the dialog though which is crisp, clear and mostly locked to your center speaker. This is top-tier stuff from Universal and a great movie to add to your collection.

Overall Score 8/10