Clash Of The Titans Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Would I have this cover art as a poster? Nope. I’m not a fan of the painterly look and the unfortunate thing is, I love art. Worthington doesn’t look like himself. The action in the background doesn’t do much for me. It’s all a bit muddled. I do like the color scheme, but other than that it’s not representative of the movie. It’s an epic kind of story and that doesn’t come through. The menu is a still image with navigation, and it’s not very exciting either.

Features: 8/10

  • Maximum Movie Mode – With recorded commentary and discussions with the director and cast coming in and out over the movie as it plays, along with trivia, focus points and more, this is an excellent extra way to watch the movie again. It’s one of those extras that might just make me like the movie more than I did the first time I watched it. For better or worse, that’s the effect of a good set of extras these days. Maximum Movie Mode is a winner when they shove enough good footage and interviews in there to make it worth another view of the film.
  • Sam Worthington An Action Hero For The Ages – I appreciate a dude who does most of his own stunts. That’s what we get in this pretty substantial little extra, a show of Jake Sully doing his own stunts while the director and cast talk about what a trooper he is. I’m not saying anything rude here, but come on, these guys make MILLIONS of dollars I think that means they should be dangled from wires, dumped in goo, and drug across dusty fight scenes as much as possible to earn their cash.
  • Alternate Ending – It’s the alternate for a reason.
  • Additional Scenes – There isn’t much here that would add to the movie, except that they did chop out a couple of subplots and character developments that would have impacted the overall story, but not necessarily in a good way.
  • Digital Copy – If you don’t know what this is by now, look it up.

The Movie: 7/10
The melodrama of Greek mythology has always captured my enthusiastic attention. I have never really taken the time to learn where all the gods and goddesses and their stories came from, but in life they all just seem to soak in from various sources. In this telling of the tale, Perseus is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. He’s left to be raised by a fisherman and his wife who become his family. Only when the shit hits the fan and the gods are challenged by mankind, and in the mix the family is taken away, does this demigod set his heart and sword on revenge. Oh, doesn’t that sound dramatic? It’s the nature of this mythology beast.

Perseus is joined by a small group of soldiers and a couple of hunters, not to mention the lovely immortal Lo who has been following him his whole life (Why? Watch it and find out). This small militia, set out to conquer Zeus, the Kraken, Hades, and all other creatures who and what get in their way, have the right balance of serious mixed with slightly comedic banter. I am growing to dislike movies with a serious world ending situation iced with tons of comedy and one-liners and goofiness. I mean, with a woman with snakes for hair, horses with wings, giant scorpions, men made out of drift wood and black magic, there is going to be a certain flavor of goofiness, but I like the guts of the story to be hardcore, epic.

Parts of the movie are brilliant for having a good time and endulging in the ultimate Greek myth fantasy. You can see what a Kraken might look like. You can finally see the living city of Argos. A Pegasus comes to life (and quite well I must say), and three witches who share the same eye are alive and screaming right before your…um…eyes (pardon me). It all mesmerizes me, mostly in that child brain of mind where these things are still real, just faded human history that I will never understand. I even marveled at the huge elephants being forced into slavery to build the piramids in 10.000 BC. I know, I know, it wasn’t a good movie, but that scene opened some crack in my brain where I want to be there watching it all happen and that crappy movie helped me fulfill that fantasy.

As for Clash of the Titans, it’s a load of fun and drama and smiles for me. Not to much camp, not too much seriousness, just right for what it is. I didn’t like Medusa though, sadly she didn’t live up the hype in my mind. I wanted her to be magnificent, vicious, perfect. She wasn’t. Someday I want James Cameron to make the Medusa movie, OK? Make it happen.

I enjoyed the cast of the Titans (get it CLASH of the Titans, CAST of the Titans..oh so funny) for the most part. There were moments of over theatrics, but it kind of fit the bill. I didn’t like the world of the gods. It was cheap and boring. With heavy hitters like Neeson and Fiennes, you would hope for more majesty. These are the gods of British acting, right? But they get an almost Flash Gordon type set to work their magic in, acting magic that is. They don’t suffer in the performance department, they might have even elevated it a bit too much with their classic kind of skills, but all in all it worked.

I say get a huge bowl of popcorn and beverage of your choice. Rent Clash of the Titans, current and past, sit back and be amazed that people acutally believed in this stuff at one time and now we are giggling and wided eyed at it all because it’s movie fiction. I will be watching it again, it’s that much of a good time for me. (Not to mention I have a little thing for Mr. Worthington, don’t tell Ascully)

Audio & Video: 7/10 (By Ascully)
Clash Of The Titans is another summer blockbuster that looks great on Blu-Ray This movie had it’s fair share of controversy when it hit theaters earlier this year because Warner chose to cash in on the current 3D phenomenon  by filming the movie on a standard camera and adding a 3D effect in post production. This was not a popular choice and gave Clash a bad reputation.

Warner have chosen to ditch the 3D version in this Blu-Ray release and include a high bit-rate 2D version of the movie. This transfer while overall quite good looking is lacking in sharpness in some scenes and occasional halo effects are present. There are also quite a few waxy looking faces as a result of a heavy hand on the digital noise reduction dial in the transfer process. To the average eye the HD transfer will look passable but on larger screens you will notice these issues.

Audio has no such issues with a DTS-HD Master audio mix that is basically a showcase for your subwoofer. From the storm in the opening scene to the amazing final showdown with the Krakken, Clash really ups the ante in terms of home theater sound. Overall Clash Of The Titans is pretty much what you expect from an update to a classic franchise, I borderline enjoyed it.

Value: 6/10
I really enjoyed Clash of the Titans. I would watch it again. When it comes to buying or renting, however, I would say it’s a rental for me. The extras are good quality and the movie is a great evening of fantasy mythology. It simply isn’t one of those flicks I need on my shelf for all time.

Overall Score 7/10