Cinderella Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6/10
I have a mixed sense of direction when it comes to what kind of movies I like. There is a history of thousands that range from animated features to blood gushing horror and over to sappy romance, then down to gritty drama. I like fantasy and science fiction, action and adventure, some comedy and some romance, heavy thought-provoking dramas and documentaries. Super heroes and space cowboys are on the list of things I enjoy, and so are fairy tales. Yes, even fairy tales turned into motion pictures float my boat in some direction toward movie watching bliss. That being said, sometimes I come across a film that would appear to have all the best stuff and yet just a week later it has erased itself from my brain due to a certain amount of forgetfulness. Do I like this kind of movie, or not? We are talking about Cinderella this time around and I want to dig it so much. It’s just that…..

That thing I said, I had forgotten I even watched this movie. My dear husband, Mr. Ascully, had to remind me to write this review. (shhh I told him I didn’t forget, but that was not 100% true:)) I sat down to type out a few thoughts and BLANK. I remember it was fun and looked amazing and it was Cinderella, really Cinderella. The characters are all straight from my most early experiences with the story, a poor little girl loses her mother, her father marries a terrible woman with two terrible daughters, she has a fairy god mother who makes a pumpkin into a stage-coach, the prince finds her lost glass slipper, searches for true love (based only on a brief meeting and a slim glass slipper), and yada yada yada…this is how I feel now that I’m thinking back about it.

Nothing made this telling of the story interesting or even charmingly weird. The performances are fine, nothing special. The music is fine. The costumes are AMAZING, along with the sets. That pretty much says it all. This movie IS CINDERELLA. It’s not Ella Enchanted. It’s not Into the Woods. It’s not even Shrek the 3rd or Ever After. I’m not complaining about it being Cinderella, I love this tale, mostly. What I don’t like is that for some reason we are still telling the story of a young woman whose life is turned around by some rich dude who only fell in love with her because she’s skinny and beautiful…blah blah blah. Whatever.

It’s a fun, entertaining flick and even though it doesn’t sound like it, I do recommend this version of Cinderella. Any Saturday evening it would be a great part of a movie night, just be sure to balance it out with maybe Alien or Kill Bill so you get a broad scope of what women characters can be:) And trust me those women are NOT forgettable!

Features: 6/10

  • Frozen Fever (8 Minutes) – A new Frozen original short featuring the original voice cast. Elsa is suffering from a cold and this all leads to a fun and cute musical number.
  • A Fairy Tale Comes To Life (9 Minutes) – A standard behind the scenes featurette that takes a look at the making of the film with interviews from all the major cast members.
  • Staging The Ball (12 Minutes) – Set Design and Costuming is focused on here. The costuming in this movie is sublime I won’t be surprised if it shows up on the Oscar nominees list.
  • Alternative Opening Ella’s Childhood (3 Minutes) – Short but ultimately worse than the opening in the actual film, Branagh gives a short introduction.
  • Ella’s Furry Friends (4 Minutes) – A lot of the animals in the movie were real even though they look like CGI in the screen, here Julie Tottman and Guillaume Grange talk us through the critter casting.
  • Costume Test Fun (3 Minutes) – A montage of those amazing looking costumes from the film.
  • DVD & DisneyMoviesAnywhere HD Digital Copy

Cover Art: 6/10
I like it. I wouldn’t have it as a poster, but it’s still pretty good.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Disney’s Blu-Ray transfer of Cinderella boasts an AVC Encoded 1080P transfer that is totally fit to go to the ball. From the get-go colors leap off the screen and detail levels especially on costumes comes over in abundance. Facial detail is overwhelming with nothing being left to the imagination, this has a bad effect on some of the film’s CGI but overall looks impressive. Branagh shot digitally but used after effect grain to make the film look like it was actually shot on film and the grain comes through perfectly. No ringing, banding, or aliasing are present this is a stunning looking HD transfer.

Using the DTS-HD Master Audio track really helps the films sound design come to life. The most important thing Dialog is prioritized and centrally located, surround sound effects are used sparingly and are quite impressive especially in the coach sequence. Your LFE channel will rarely get a workout here but Cinderella is not that type of movie. Perhaps when Michael Bay gets to direct a remake your LFE wishes will come true.

Overall Score 7/10