Children Of Men

Cover Art and Menu: 6/10
This is a grungy dark film, telling a dark grim story, with a dreary dark cover…just right. The menus are functional and that’s it, but then again, this isn’t a flashy kind of movie that needs any bells and whistles as a distraction. The package is just right for what’s inside. It’s not exciting or revolutionary, but it serves its purpose.

Features: 7/10

  • The Possibility Of Hope Featurette – This film is based on a novel that has a lot of political and social commentary about globalization and the impact we (humans) have on the planet. This feature has interviews with academics who discuss the these subjects and how the story of Children of Men reflects their ideologies.
  • Under Attack Featurette – This is a movie with a lot more action shots than you realize as you watch it. This feature shows how they did long takes on big sequences and the innovative approaches they took to get some of the most interesting and dynamic camera shots in movies today.
  • Children Of Men Comments By Slavoj Zizek – Zizek talks about the story in the front of the film which is an anti-hero leading man who makes a change in his behavior and attitudes about the world and life as we follow him through some pretty intense events. Zizek then goes on to say that that’s not all the film is about, it’s the background, the setting, the political climate of the near future that makes this a unique cautionary tale.
  • Deleted Scenes – Extended scenes and a content taken out for what seems to be time or redundancy.
  • Theo & Julian Featurette – Who are the leading characters and who could play them in the best way to represent the original characters from the novel the film was made from? Um, watch this feature and find out:)
  • Futuristic Design Featurette – How did they make a woman have a baby on queue? Animatronics, animation, and computer wizardry.

The Movie 8/10:
I had no idea what this film would be about, which is how I love to approach a movie. I knew Clive Owen was in it and Julianne Moore, that was it. I had a hint from a trailer I had seen a long long time ago that it looked kind of dark and had some kind of warish look about it…correct, but that only scratches the surface.

Children of Men is set in the 2027, nearly 20 years into a global infertility crisis. No children have been born for an entire generation. So, what would a world without children, without the human race reproducing be like? Dark and warish, yea, that seems right. Clive Owen is hopeless, which is an epidemic at this point in time, until he is swept up in a circumstance he finds himself unable to get out of. His long lost love returns with a request, that he help she and her group get a young woman out of the country. England is the country, and with so much destruction and chaos in the world, travel and civil liberties are running scarce.

I won’t talk any more about the story, that’s something you need to discover for yourself, but I will say a few things about the experience of watching this film. I enjoy a good poke and prod every now and then..hey, poke and prod of my MIND people. Geesh, a girl can’t make a comment these days without people get the wrong idea…. Any story that gets me thinking about a topic as big as what would happen if humankind were unable to reproduce, and what that would do to the quality of life for the remainder of our time on this little space rock, well, that’s a story I can sink my teeth into.

This story takes the grim approach, no doubt about it. The reality of humans is that we are jerks first, good folks second. The world is in total meltdown with no hope of regaining any control. It’s dark and hazy, and violent and unforgiving. That’s the feeling this film gave me, and I loved it. There are moments of manufactured grimness, but hey, any nearly apocalyptic story needs extreme characters and extreme settings for them to do extreme things in, or else it might just seem like another boring Hollywood melodrama.

Clive Owen is one of my modern day favorites. I like Julianne Moore and she’s good in Children, but she could be any actress, while Owen seems just right for this role. Don’t ask me why, he just seems to have the right balance of confidence and humility that this character needs to make it work.

The sets are incredible and the attention to every dirty, uncomfortable detail makes it truly feel like the not-so-distant future. That’s the creepiest part I guess, that this isn’t set in 2200, or 3000, it’s just 20 years from now. I don’t know about you but I plan to be around to see that particular year so it has an eerie quality about it.

It’s an excellent story, film, and it gave me something to think about. It goes beyond the semi-paranoid thinking that’s hiding behind the whole thing. Yes, I agree that we are not headed for a brighter more beautiful tomorrow. However, no, I don’t think we are headed toward complete chaos and social breakdown in the next 20 years, but it’s fun to speculate and make that kind of stuff into movies:)

Value: 6/10
This is one of those DVD’s that I just want to have, to own, to keep on my shelf. That being said, I don’t really care what the price is. I love the story, the concept, the intellectual discussion it can spark, so if it’s 20 bucks or 12 I am going to get it.

If you you are more interested in just the future action adventure aspect of the story, then this is a perfect rental for anytime. It would even be a good investment on a Monday night after you have come home from work.

Overall Score 8