Cars 2 Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
Big international fun with intrigue, spies, lots of car jokes, and a rusty old tow truck cracking goofy. That is how I would describe. I laughed a lot and the scope of ground covered is awesome. I always like a movie that takes me around the world, even if you find out later that all locations were in some remote location in Canada or back streets of LA, I still like the vibe of a traveling kind of adventure. Of course Bond does it and this is a story of spies and intrigue and espionage, so going from Italy to France to Japan, it makes it so much more colorful and eye-tingling.

As always the animation is awesome. There is nothing I can add to what Pixar can show us with their well oiled machine these days. As for the content of the wonderfully drawn and rendered scenes we see, it’s really lovely to look at. I would like more slow panning shots across the cities and the landscape so we can really take in just how beautifully everything  is offered to us. The details on everything from he carvings on buildings to every single car, and there are a lot, is mind boggling. Art is everywhere and regardless of the fact that it’s being used in a movie to make bazillions of dollars, there is so much creativity in Cars 2 it’s undeniable. Artists made this movie, artists of the tech world who make the computing work and artists who do the endless hours in front of monitors and digital drawing pads and 3D rendering software. They deserve more credit than they get, so here it is CREDIT to the ARTISTS!!!

The story is Mater centric, of course, Mater goes along on the international race circuit while his friend whatshisname does a couple of races. Mater is the more colorful and interesting character, so I’m find with the way it plays out. The rednecky chatter gets a bit much after a while, but at his heart, Mater is a charming fellow who makes me smile and that’s good enough.

There are lots of named voices, look them up. I don’t really care who does what voices to be honest. If they are charming or fun or interesting that’s all that matters. If you sit there thinking, “Oh I’m listening to Michael Cane talk.” the whole time, that’s kind of boring.

Overall I enjoyed Cars 2, now that I think about it, a tiny fraction more than the original Cars. I’m pretty sure it’s the globe trotting that did it for me. I do love clankin’round the world with muh best friend, spyin’ and adventurin’! Yeee Hawwww!!

Features: 5/10

  • Cars Toon Air Mater – Mater joins an elite flying group, luckily just in time to promote the new Pixar movie. Charming.
  • Hawaiian Vacation Theatrical Short – A very cute and sweet short featuring Barbie and Ken in the Toy Story bedroom full of friends. It’s a nice little tale of friendship and romance, and silliness.
  • Directors Commentary – It’s the dude talking about the movie. If anyone ever goes crazy and starts predicting the future or hypnotizing everyone via their commentary I’ll let you know….or will I?
  • DVD Version Of The Movie –  Give the DVD to the kids for those trips in the car (cars get it)

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I would have this cover as a small poster in my house, or post card on the refrigerator, something like that. It’s cute but not too cutesy, so that’s a good thing. The menu is active, kind of spyish and gadgety. Even a good menu makes me wonder, why? We are on the menu for just seconds at a time and them move on to the content. I just wish they could put the cash they spend on the making of these jazzed up menus into something else, like more extras on the Blu-Ray!

Audio & Video: 9/10
Disney his the road running with a another sublime transfer on Blu-Ray disc. As usual with Pixar movies this is a showcase for the HD format. What you get here is a pristine colorful movie that has TONS of detail, from Mater’s rusty bodywork to Holly Shiftwells luminescent purple paint-job you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. Obviously Pixar are Disney’s crown jewel studio and everything they do gets the A+++ treatment and Cars 2 is no exception. This is nothing short of showroom condition.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack is boombastic on every level. From the opening scene (which plays out like the start of a James Bond movie) you know you are in for something special. Speech is centered and crystal clear and there are lots of panning effects in the rear speakers especially during the big race scenes.

Overall I really enjoyed Cars 2, but I am glad that Pixar are going back to an original property with Brave next year, the sequels they have concentrated on recently are starting to wear a little thin with me.

Value: 3/10
You can complain about my complaining, but if you find a movie for your kids that costs more than 12 bucks, wait until it’s cheaper. I mean it folks, just because they try to convince us that $30 is a GREAT deal for a cutting edge movie with a DVD copy of the movie included, slick packaging, etc…does NOT make it a good deal. It is a movie, not food for your family or gas for your car to get to work to make the money that they want to suck out of you from movie to movie. Take a stand. Rent it first for a couple bucks and when it’s down to a reasonable price, buy it. If you think you are getting value for money because your kids will watch it a thousand times and that makes it worth the price, by that logic my shoes should cost a million friggin’ dollars. Just think of all the use they get from day to day, or my reading glasses, or my mouse. Don’t be fooled. If you love it soooo much  you have to have it or you just don’t mind paying over $20 for a Disney movie (original price nearly 40 dollars!), go for it. Not to mention when you get the Blu-Ray you don’t get all the extras. You have to buy the 3D version to get more for your money, and it’s not more for your money, it’s what Mater might call “hogwarsh”.

Overall Score 7/10