Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
Really? You are reading a review of a Marvel movie? I wonder about you people. I mean, it’s Marvel, super heroes, someone who wants to destroy or take over the world, and there are big fights, and collateral damage. I’m not kidding. If you watch this movie and come to any other conclusion that my snotty little summary, well, you might not be watching the same movie:) It’s CAPTAIN AMERICA!

You are still reading, so clearly you want more.

The cast is fine, they have had lots of chances to make themselves known over the past few years, so nothing really new here. I like them all, even if some of the characters are kind of superfluous, the people who play them are all top-notch. I know it must be hard to pretend to be a guy who flies around in a suit, or a guy who can shoot an arrow…oh wait, is that a super power? Never mind. They do a good job of keeping the mood semi-light while still taking it seriously enough to make it feel like an adult world not a cartoony rated G tale of good vs. bad.

The music, the lights, the sets, the special effects, the directing…fine fine fine fine fine. Let’s be honest, these days I would expect nothing less than a good immersive experience. I didn’t get too distracted by weird CGI and the costumes/CGI bits of the costumes are all amazing. It is a spectacle of TADA if nothing else.

As for the story, well, someone is a jerk and wants to be destructive. He connives and cajoles to get the X Men, oh, not the X Men, the League of Justice, OH not them either, the Marvel group of hero/characters who accompany Captain America into a bit of a tussle among themselves. The title kind of says it all. Civil War means we have friend versus friend, big muscles versus big muscles, magic versus other skills, and even a little baby spider boy coming along blindly to do whatever Ian tells him to do (look it up). I was not a fan of that whole thing, but hey, I let it go. The idea that they are making movies for like a decade and we are just supposed to go along with each little nugget to pull us to the next one, it’s annoying but no more than a TV series I guess therefore, I LET IT GO.

Ant Man does his thing, and DOES HIS THING, so that’s cool. The comedy in this strain of super hero flicks is pretty slim and I appreciate that. The idea of how much damage happens when a crazy person or group tries to destroy humanity is pretty hard-core and to have it a yuckity yuck would be annoying. I like that this time they addressed this issue, and the whole idea is that governments of the world want to control our group of do-gooders. It’s a fun idea to knock around, the attempt to control an ultimate power, it’s one of those things that makes me have more than just one reason to think back on this movie. It’s fun and I like the ideas.

Overall it’s Captain America and it’s got fights and stuff. I think I covered this blah attitude I have about writing this review. It hasn’t changed in the past few minutes. I say it is what it is. Fun, super hero violence, a world at threat, right vs. wrong, and I enjoyed every minute of it (minus the spider boy).

Features: 7/10

  • United We Stand Divided We Fall Parts 1 & 2 (45 Minutes)- A two-part  feature that looks at all aspects of the film. This is a great feature and something that has been missing on the last few marvel releases. Subjects include, cast, special effects, filming on location and the return of Spider-Man.
  • Captain America The Road To Civil War (4 Minutes) – A detailed look at the events that lead to this movie from caps side.
  • Iron Man The Road To Civil War (4 Minutes) – Similar to the last feature but based on Stark/Iron Man.
  • Open Your Mind Marvel’s Doctor Strange Preview (4 Minutes) – A Marvel movie is not a Marvel movie without a preview for the next one. Here Benedict Cumberbatch looks ahead.
  • Audio Commentary – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo talk you through the entire film.
  • Gag Reel (3 Minutes) – Silly on set stuff.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes – Four deleted scenes including the funeral of Agent Carter.

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
We have a show down folks, and that’s what our little cover reflects. There are so many other cool images in this movie, but I get why they chose to showcase all the brothers, and sisters, in arms. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, but if you find a cool poster of Black Widow, I’ll be first in line.

Audio & Video: 9/10
As with all of the Marvel films Civil War weighs in with a superb looking transfer that makes almost everything else look flat. From the opening scene to the end shot it’s clear that the encoders at Disney/Marvel know a thing or two about creating a Blu-Ray master. Black levels are true and deep, flesh tones are not overbaked and the superheros colorful suits shine whenever they are on-screen. This is an exceptional transfer and a top-tier effort from Disney.

Audio quality is good but does knock a point off the perfect score here. DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 is the codec of choice and somehow it’s not as explosive as it should be. LFE is lacking and the intensity levels do not match the theatrical version. It does get better towards the end but mostly it falls a little flat.

Overall Score 7/10