Cover Art: 10/10
This sounds like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, which I despise, but I love the cover and menus. The cover looks like a cheap pirated copy right along with the almost hand written label on the DVD. The menus are excellent with that patched together feel like a low budget movie house might put together due to lack of funds and equipment, and talent 🙂 But it’s all a great package, well worth a spot on our DVD shelf.

Extras: 7/10
The one extra I think would be desired by fans of Borat is a commentary, but that’s missing in action, but the other extras are as follows:

  • Deleted Scenes – More of the same Borat as the roaming reporter making his way into real life situations only to cause discomfort to those involved.
  • Global PR Tour – This is a cool extra. It is a collection of appearances of Borat everywhere from street gatherings to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He never breaks character even when he gets very close to conning Martha Stewart into bed while Jay Leno watches happily.
  • Music Infomercial – Have you ever wanted to hear Borat sing? Now’s your chance. Enjoy!

The Movie: 7/10
Come on, I can’t review Borat’s movie. Let’s be honest, my opinion, your opinion, no one’s opinion even matters. This is a rogue comedy act that has made it to the big screen. I’m not saying it’s not funny, it is. I’m not saying it’s not entertaining, it is.

From the small character on the Ali G show to an international sensation, Borat finally made the big time, for better or worse.
This movie just doesn’t need someone like me to tell you what’s good or bad about it. It’s impossible, almost. I do like the innocence of Borat and his unwitting devotion to the ideals and traditions of his homeland. Sasha Cohen plays him as if he were oblivious to modern day values and all the political correctness that seems to be taking over our daily lives. Borat openly hates “Jews”, degrades women, has had sexual relations with his sister, and even eludes to “making sexy time” and cooking a small puppy.

His pursuit of one of my LEAST favorite of all celebrities in the whole entire universe gives the string of gags and jokes something to follow so it’s not just an open ended series of skits. The small portion of the story that’s devoted to his cross country trip to find eh hem.. Pamela Anderson, (choke choke gag gag) feels tagged on like it was an after thought. It seems like they were trying to figure out how to take the roaming Kazakhstan reporter’s interviews and other American experiences often involving embarrassing and shocking unsuspecting folks along the way and piece them together so it would appeal to the movie going crowd. I would have preferred more skits and less hunting of the big breasted blonde.

Borat doesn’t possess the traits of your standard hero in our beloved movies. There is something about him though, that helps me get past the vulgarity and butt cheek clinching uncomfortableness of it and see the point, I think. I’m not here to analyze the movie or Borat as a character who in many ways mirrors real life prejudices and hatred that lives in people we all know and tolerate everyday of our lives. It’s a comedy, not a political and social statement….right? Or maybe it is. That’s for you to decide.
If you are sensitive about certain things, like anything to do with animal cruelty, women’s rights, racism, ignorance, intolerance, poking fun at cultural differences, or other topical issues, you might want to steer clear. If you are one of those people, you see the movie, and then you complain ..shame on you.

If you appreciate social commentary, satire, seeing real people harmlessly (except for the lady who got fired after Borat came to her local TV affiliate and wrecked havoc.) being made fun of and put in awkward situations, or you like Punked, Jackass, Bam Margera, Tom Green, etc…you will very likely appreciate Borat and his adventures.
I felt uncomfortable through most of the movie. i cringed at the scene where he broke a bunch of stuff in a small antique shop, and when he ran out on the nice couple who owned the bed and breakfast…but then I do love any movie that makes me react. Even if it’s covering my eyes from embarrassment or fear of what will happen next. It’s better than being bored by the same old formulas and Hollywood cookie cutter flicks.

Value: 7/10
It’s pointless to say how much it costs or even care, for two reasons:
1.) If you love Borat you will buy it.
2.) If you hate Borat you won’t.
It’s a good packaged deal for those who appreciate the movie and the whole Borat phenomenon.

Overall Score 7/10