Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
Would I have this cover as a poster? If you take away the writing and the green tint, yes. As it is it’s pretty good, but awful busy if you ask me. The menu is functional, basic, green, dynamic, nothing too exciting.

Features: 8/10

  • Deleted Scenes – A Couple of deleted scenes that really add nothing to the movie, these scenes are presented in 480P and look pretty rough.
  • Filmmaker & Cast Commentaries – Here is where the disc really gets interesting with two full length commentary tracks, the first is slightly annoying with Duffy, Connolly, Reedus & Flannery making tons of in jokes that the unless you know these people you will not get anything from. Connolly is the best thing about this track and he is genuinely the only witty one in the room. The second track is helmed by Duffy and about half way through Willem Dafoe turns up, this track is more subdued and more focused on the actual movie.
  • Unprecedented Access – A decent behind the scenes documentary that covers some of the onset antics, this is actually pretty good with lot’s of on the set footage.
  • Billy Connolly & Troy Duffy Unedited – Connolly & Duffy sit down in a hotel room and reminisce about making the movies, Connolly knows how to tell a story and there are some genuinely funny moments here.
  • Inside The Vault – The guy responsible for the weapons in Boondock 2 gives us a detailed rundown of the different guns in the movie, it’s about 8 minutes long and is fairly disposable.
  • The Cast Confesses – Some secrets from the cast and crew, feels more promotional than anything.
  • The Boondock Saints Hit Comic-Con – If you are a fan of both of the Saints movies this is a great extra, clocking in around the 1 hour mark this feature shows the Comic-Con panel session in full with all the main cast being interviewed. about half way through they let the crowd field the questions.
  • MovieIQ & BDLive –As usual with Sony Blu-Rays this one comes equipped with MovieIQ and BDLive, not a lot here of interest unless you like watching trailers and looking at trivia tracks.

The Movie: 6/10
Two Irish brothers on a farm. Countryside stretching in all directions. Their father, an aging man has weathered life, harsh, unforgiving. While in Boston a crime is committed, a priest killed and left with two coins, a calling card. We quickly understand that the brothers are being framed for the murder and with a quick little montage they shave off their farmy beards, cut their hair, grab their guns and are off to the city for revenge, or to clear their name, or something like that. There is a slightly missed feel of grit and hardness to the opening sequences of the movie. The murder is gruesome, the farm looks cold, the long hair looks wiggy but a tad grungy. I tried to look past the hit and miss style and get on with the story, but it wasn’t easy.

As the brothers make their way to Boston they meet and acquire a side kick of sorts. He’s Mexican, without any kind of ethnicity at all, fair enough. There are enough wanna be offensive jokes about him being Mexican that you get the idea, even if it becomes boring after a while. This all sounds a little like I’m not liking the movie, but I did enjoy it, I didn’t love it.

The brothers are well played, as is the Mexican side kick. The accents could be totally wrong and I wouldn’t know the difference, so they sound good to me. They all seem to be having a great time and there are a lot of yucking it up kind of scenes that almost border on farce, but they all do it with enough umph that it doesn’t become silly (most of the time). As the brothers try to find the killer who is trying to frame them we meet an FBI Special Agent who has her own quirkiness, inherited from the first movie from her counter character played by Willem Defoe. She’s OK, but not very interesting. It all seems a bit flat and over fabricated. Overacting isn’t a crime in this movie, it’s everywhere, but she’s just not quite right for the grit level that is barely hanging on as it is.

There is too much comedy to keep this sequel true to the guts and glory of the first Boondock flick. I can’t help it, I’m comparing, yes…get over it. I loved the first film, looked forward to this second installment, and then as I watched I felt like the writer/director really missed the point. My point that is, he obviously has a vision for the Boondock world and I can’t change that. I just can’t help but be disappointed in the overt humor that takes away from the solid characters and situations they were in in their original story. That being said, as they say, Boondock Saints 2 holds up to something like a comedy, buddy, crime, farce kind of flick but with some moments of true brilliance. Those moments are few and far between, but they are there and it’s enough to keep me having a good time, overlooking the flaws, and saying that it isn’t a let down, just a bit of a nose wrinkling ‘awe, it’s not as good as I wanted it to be.” which isn’t a fair thing to saddle on a movie, but that’s how it works when you love an original and they tag on a sequel for whatever reasons.

The action sequences are just that, lots of action, slow motion gun fire, guys falling down, etc. It’s got some groovy music but it all feels over manufactured. I wanted to pluck the actors, the characters, the circumstances out and put them in a darker, more serious, more substantial movie, but I don’t have that kind of magic power, so I watched and let my brain just relax and enjoy the best bits. I would recommend both movies if you haven’t taken the time to enter the world of these brothers. If you become a super fan you will love them both. If you love the first one because of the heart, the guts, the slight darkness, well, you will enjoy the second one because it feels like an homage more than a sequel, which is weird and kind of interesting at the same time.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
Boondock 2 has an awesome looking AVC encoded 2.35:1 transfer that really is in a league of it’s own. Skin tones are perfect and the transfer captures the grimy feel of the movie. Duffy chose to stylize many of the set pieces in this sequel and even the dream sequence with it’s Vaseline smeared lens looks top tier.

Audio is similarly impressive, the booming DTS-HD 5.1 mix almost drowns out the Irish mutterings of the actors  but not enough to get really bothersome. The soundtrack really comes into it’s own during the gunfights (which there are many) and you will be looking behind you from time to time to see if the Saint’s have decided to join you. Overall the movie isn’t as great as the first but I loved it all the same. If you are looking for some tough no nonsense gun battling on a movie watching weekend you can’t go much better than the Saint’s.

Value: 7/10
I think as a sequel this movie needs to go along for the ride wherever the first one goes. The problem is, I don’t think I need to own this one, it will just sit there on the shelf as a companion piece. I will watch it again someday when we pull them both out for a Boondock fest. If you haven’t seen either, well, rent them and see what you think about owning the set. It’s got some good extras, and it’s a good offering for the hard core fans.

Overall Score 7/10