Blades Of Glory (DVD & HD DVD)

DVD & HD DVD Covered In Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
“Wacky comedy, appropriate cover.” Sound familiar? If you read last week’s review I said the same thing about the cover of Wild Hogs. I guess the wacky comedy genre has it’s own cover template that we will all have to suffer with forever. The menu is pretty funny, well, funny is as funny does. Hmmm If you find the movie amusing, the video clips in the menu will be equally comically. If you do not find the movie amusing, you won’t care about the menu anyway.

Features: 7/10

  • Return To Glory The Making Of Blades (HD) – Cast and crew talk about making the movie, but it’s mostly just a lot of cheeky comments and they are pushing their “we want to be clever and funny all the time.” almost to the point of being slightly boring.
  • Celebrities On Thin Ice (HD) – They did do the skating, some of it anyway. This is a run down of how they learned to move around on the ice, who had the makings of a skating phenomenon, and who should stick to their day job of being a movie star.
  • Cooler Than Ice The Super Sexy Costumes Of Skating (HD) – This is more of the cast and the writers/directors talking with their hip comedy spin on things. The costumes are pretty wild, so it’s interesting to see why some of them ended up in the movie.
  • Arnett & Poeher A Family Affair (HD) – This is an “interview” with the married pair who play a brother and sister skating team in the movie. I don’t know these two, but I get that vibe of Improv/Saturday Night Live prodigies with their constant banter and off the cuff funniness. (Hey that is a word, the spell checker didn’t underline it.)
  • 20 Questions With Scott Hamilton (HD) – These are not your ordinary questions and this is not your standard interview with a former Olympic champion.
  • Hector Portrait Of Psychofan (HD) – A character from the movie explains his love of one of the leading men. It’s a funny bit.
  • Moviephone Unscripted (SD) – This is a standard Moviephone session with the three leading men of Blades of Glory. It’s pretty funny. I do like these kind of free-style promo things. There isn’t an interviewer, just the actors talking amongst themselves, answering questions from fans.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD) – There are actually whole plot lines deleted from the movie, so these are quite interesting and if you love the movie you will want to get these other background tidbits to go with it.
  • Alternate Takes (HD) – This is just Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell. If you have ever seen the outtakes from Anchorman, you will know what I’m talkin’ about.
  • Gag Reel (HD) – I don’t think I need to make a comment about a gag reel on a movie with this cast and crew.
  • Photo Gallery – blah
  • Music Video “Blades Of Glory” By Bo Bice (HD) – Oh My GOD…how weird. Bo Bice has become a stick figure, and the song is just too bizarrely not-funny not serious. Bon Jovi is rolling in the grave, kind of.
  • MTV Spots (SD) – Commercials

Movie: 7/10
Blades of Glory is the kind of movie that…..

Blades of Glory is a good example of….

Blades of Glory is, um, is….let’s face it, some movies stimulate that “Oh my God!! I have to talk talk talk about this movie. I can’t contain my excitement!”. This movie doesn’t.

What I do like about it is that it’s a comedy that has no intention of kissing your ass or trying to be something it’s not. It’s a wild, funny, often sarcastic, always irreverent carnival of characters who are not meant to be taken seriously. So, don’t get on your soap box and feel compelled to critique it’s lack of cinematic value because it’s not that kind of flick.

You might laugh. You might roll your eyes. Most definitely you will have a good time (as long as you are willing to surgically remove any skepticism you might have growing in your body before viewing).

Jon Heder and Will Ferrell are a pretty funny pair for me. I was totally not expecting much, but that’s the best way to approach things I suppose, then everything that doesn’t suck is a bonus!
I shouldn’t say that. I actually really liked the movie, it does have those moments though, you know the ones that follow Will Ferrell around like a stray puppy? The moments when he says or does something so shamelessly in the name of comedy that you feel embarrassed for him, and you want to look away, but you can’t. I like that feeling.

The men’s ice skating angle is hysterical, but I imagine that people in that sport might take it a little more to heart. Let’s be clear, they are making fun of the whole thing in so many ways. I know they would say they are paying homage, and there are some of the most decorated ice skaters ever to walk the planet who do cameos in the movie, but they have to pause for a few scenes and realize they’re beloved passion is being made to look kind of ridiculous. Let’s just say, the beauty and style of figure skating it’s a feature of this movie.

Overall I was very entertained. It’s empty calories for the mind, but who cares. So is lettuce and the people in charge of the world keep telling us that’s good for our there ya go.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully) 9/10
Looking for a showcase movie to show off your Hi-def rig? Funnily enough one of the silliest movies in years happens to be it. The transfer of this movie to HDDVD is amazing, Blades Of Glory features some of the most stunning ice skating costumes that can only be appreciated in HD. One of the things that stuck out a lot to me is how vivid the colors of the HD version are, the standard def version simply cannot compete. Sound was great one scene which has our heroes clinking there ice skates together in time to the music really worked out the surrounds and the sub channels. Overall Blades Of Glory while not being the best movie ever (It was actually very funny though) is simply a showcase HD disc. Its such a shame Paramount pulled out the Blu-Ray version at the last minute as this is a disc every HD enthusiast should own.

Value: 6/10
This is a tough one. It can go one of two ways:

Let’s say you LOVE LOVE LOVE it. For around 20 bucks you can own Blades of Glory standard edition or for 30 the HD version, and keep it forever. You can watch it over and over, and then show it to all your friends and family. That would make it worth the money.

Or, let’s say you like it a lot, but not in THAT way, you could rent it, watch it, laugh, and then stumble across it again when it hits cable.

If you fall into either of these categories I would say it’s a good value for a frivolously swell time, with enough DVD extras sewn in to make it a fairly good DVD package whether you buy it or rent it.

If you don’t like Will Ferrell, and you hated Napoleon Dynamite but you thought you would give it a try, only to discover that you don’t like it, well, lesson learned.

Overall Score 7/10