Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
Pleasure. It’s just one of the things I have always appreciated about movies. I get pleasure from the stories, the characters, the places, they all come together in different ways and with very different results. The pleasure isn’t always there. Big Hero 6 brings that childlike sense of awe and fun, which is a coveted thing as one gets older. A true feeling of smiling satisfaction. I know, I know, this is getting too sappy and smushy, but that’s how it goes sometimes with movies.

I don’t give a hoot if people like their movie reviews to be snarky and harsh and full of pretentious film student/film critic hatefulness, that ain’t happening here. I mean, Hiro is a boy with a lot of sadness, and isn’t that just the way with the children in Disney movies? He and his brother are doing their best to get on with life when even more tragedy comes around…yike. If I have one criticism of this story it’s that tragedy level is kind of high. We don’t need to torment young children quite so much to give them something to fight for in their quests and journeys.

Our big character is Baymax, the big fluffy robot, and his role in helping Hiro heal. It’s not just about physical healing, which is my favorite thing in the movie. It’s about healing a person’s emotional and mental hurt, not something we dig too deep into with most animated movies. I mean, sure we can get revenge, find peace with grief, overcome obstacles, but this one goes that little bit farther and includes the healing power of friendships and trust. I like that, even if I don’t subscribe to that in my life so much:)

The friends we meet become a force of their own. The core of what we learn is that everything is awesome when you work as a team…oh, wait, that might be in another movie:) Each character becomes their own type of super hero, which any kid (or fun seeking grown up) loves to see evolve in a story. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, and this time I do get that big smile as they find their footing as their alter egos.

They are science geeks, so it’s got that added bonus of being about people who want to learn more about the world around them and how to make things better. It’s not just a game of sport that needs to be dominated, it’s about finding solutions to problems, which gives me another type of satisfaction.

I cried, yes, cried…so what. It was sweet and lovely and super sad sometimes, but that’s what they like to do to us. I don’t mind when the movie is worth it, and Hero is.

So, mushy on, smushy on, watch Big Hero 6 and laugh, cry, appreciate the cuteness, the fluff, the adventure, the action, and the pleasure of it all.

Features: 8/10

  • Feast Theatrical Short (6 minutes) – Not only did Big Hero 6 win an Oscar this short animated feature also did. It tells the story of a small dog and his love of food, and also tells the story of his not so perfect owner in the background. It’s one of my favorite Disney shorts you really should give it a look.
  • The Origin Story Of Big Hero 6 (15 Minutes) – Jamie Chung hosts this Disney Channel feature that does include a ton of spoilers. It covers the original Marvel comic and how they blended it with Disney animation to create a different look. There is also a look at the Hyperion rendering tool that Disney created to make the movies lighting more lifelike.
  • Big Animator 6  The Characters Behind The Characters (7 Minutes) – A round table discussion with the animators. I really liked this as it feels like a bunch of nerds talking shop.
  • Deleted Scenes (14 Minutes) – Four deleted scenes that are in storyboard form, the directors introduce each one.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
Super fun cover art will always please me. I would have this as a poster in my house, no doubt about it. The menu is themed, but I’m not really that into menus so it gets me where I need to go on the disk and that’s enough.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Disney’s Big Hero 6 is one of the most breathtaking CGI animated movies so far. With amazing attention to detail it rivals if not betters Pixar’s efforts. Presented using the AVC codec in the super wide 2.39:1 aspect ratio the Blu-Ray is impressive as they come. Colors simply explode off the screen while black levels and skin tones are all perfectly executed. This is top tier stuff from Disney the kind of transfer you have come to expect from them.

Audio is also impressive using the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track to full effect. The track is very impressive in it’s balance, it never goes over the top but is always astounding. Dialog is central and there is liberal use of surround sound at almost all times. The scene where the Big Hero 6 team are training is the most impressive with swooshes and explosions coming from every corner of your room.

Overall Score 8/10