Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray Review

“The story is pretty basic, and the lack of star power (and complete replacement of the cast) is a bit unnerving at times.”

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
Well the cover for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is pretty standard for this type of movie.  We get to see the whole dog family together on the red carpet in front of a limo.  Not exactly original, but what did you expect from a sequel that was straight to video?  If you are a fan of dogs in outrageous outfits and sunglasses, than this movie, and the cover, are for you.  The menu for the Blu-ray features a CGI catwalk (dogwalk?) from the movie, with dance music and scenes from the film.

Features: 2/10

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua Challenge – This is a trivia game based on the movie.
  • Blooper Faux Paws – This short blooper reel runs about 4 minutes long, and has some overly cute dogs and a few flubbed lines from the actors.  a whole lot of dogs acting like cute dogs ,with a few dogs falling in mud and the like.
  • This Is My Paradise Music Video By Bridgit Mendler – Another music video inclusion on a Disney release.  Bridgit Mendler is the star of Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, and her song is decent for this type of thing (at least it is not about Chihuahuas necessarily.)

The Movie: 4/10
I originally reviewed the first Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie back in 2009.  The cast was big for this type of Disney release, and it was right about the time that Paris Hilton was parading around a cute Chihuahua as an accessory.  I think Paris Hilton has moved on to a new toy breed of dog, and it seems like  Disney perhaps should have followed suit.  The sequel, aptly named Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is lacking a majority of the original cast, and the story seems like it was mashed together in a blender.  The result is a semi-cute chihuahua movie that is kind of tough to sit through.

This time around Papi (voiced by George Lopez, one of the only remaining actors from the original) has married Chloe (this time played by Odette Yustman) and the two now have a brood of small cute Chihuahuas.  The Chihuahua family is left to be watched by Sam, still the gardner, as his girlfriend Rachel heads off on a safari with her Aunt Vivian, and Sam and the brood are left to worry as Sam’s parents home is being foreclosed upon by the mean bank.  The dogs, with a little help from Pedro and Delgado from the first movie, end up saving the day.

The story is pretty basic, and the lack of star power (and complete replacement of the cast) is a bit unnerving at times.  Piper Perabo and Jamie Lee Curtis are no longer here, and the lack of star power and substitution is pretty blatant.  The movie therefore seems like it drags on and meanders.  The jokes are pretty staid, and the result is just a bland experience that is tough to sit through.  For those who are into this type of movie, it is bearable, but for the rest of us, it can be a tough sell.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Disney allways brings it when they do a release.  This is no different, even though it is not a theatrical release.  The video is strong and sharp, and the 1080p 1.78:1 AVC encode works well, even though I felt that some of the coloring was a bit goofy in parts.  The audio was decent, with strong dialogue.  There was enough use of the Surround Sound to be noticeable, without being too in your face.

Value: 3/10
To be honest there just is not a whole lot here to love.  The movie is pretty sub-par, and there is little to no replay value.  The first Beverly hills Chihuahua was not great, and this one is has less of a story and less star power, meaning that it is at times tough to sit through.  The cute only stretches so far.

Score 4/10