Bedtime Stories Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
It’s all a bit overly packaged for me to be honest. The cover is so cut and paste, but not in a good way, that it takes away from the character of the movie. The menu is cute, but not really in line with anything in the whole story. Overall not a great tada for the one and only Mr. Sandler.

Features: 6/10

  • Until Gravity Do Us Part – We go behind the scenes to see how the special effects for the space shoot out scenes were done with cool machines that toss big name stars around like players on a Foosball table.
  • It’s Bugsy – A glimpse at what it takes to get a guinea pig on the big screen. Not that interesting if you are me, but not everyone can be so jaded and unamused by some rodents in movies.
  • To All The Little People – Children, aren’t they cute. Those tiny grown ups in kid bodies starring in Disney movies..:) This brings us up close to the kid cast of the flick.
  • Bloopers – Hilarious famous people messing up their lines, or maybe not hilarious. We were hoping for more Russell Brand bloopers, but hey, we took what we were given.
  • Deleted Scenes – There is nothing much to see here, just a couple of trimmed or axed scenes that wouldn’t have added much to the movie if they had been left in.
  • Dylan & Cole Sprouse: Blu-Ray Is Suite – I have a feeling this is something I blocked out for some deeper reason. I didn’t even notice it, so there ya go.
  • Digital Copy – This is a fine thing if you want to put the movie on your ipod or laptop.
  • DVD Version – An excellent addition to the package, bravo. If I had kids, and I bought this movie for them to watch a billion times, I sure wouldn’t let them get their grubby little paws on the Blu-Ray disc and player…good move Disney.

The Movie: 7/10
This movie is one of those that deserves a couple of extra points just for the fun factor. It’s a romp in family territory for Sandler, once again, so it’s friendly, cute, funnyish, and has a good heart.

I could stop there, but that doesn’t make much of a review. OK, an uncle has to watch his niece and nephew for a week while his sister looks for a job in a different state. The uncle, Sandler, hasn’t been around the kids since they were small, but somehow very quickly manages to charm them into being his best pals. The beginning moves along a bit quickly, but hey, we need to get to the bedtime stories coming true, right?

There are several things going on in this story at once. The uncle caring for the kids. The fact that their school is being closed. The mother’s best friend becomes a love interest. Sandler and his sister, Cox, lived in a small motel started by their father when they were kids, but he sold to a big company and now Sandler is the fixit man hoping to be promoted to manager of the newer, bigger, hotel they are building. Then there is the bad guy, or the comedy bad guy I should say. The rival for the manger’s job, a smarmy cheesy butt kisser who is dating the bosses spoiled daughter. Oh yea, I forgot that, the rich 20-something daughter is the object of Sandler’s lusting eyes, so she gets a few bit comedy scenes here and there. Zena shows up as a snotty desk clerk who is in cahoots with the comedy bad guy..oh geesh..too much to keep telling the tale.

Whew, the point is Sandler tells the kids bedtime stories the way his father used to and in the daytime some of the things that happen in their stories seem to come true. This is the catalyst for funniness, charming moments, and life revelations for a few characters. The best thing about the bedtime stories is that they transport us all to several different times and places. There’s the wild west, outer space, Ancient Greece, and a medieval castle, which are all woven together quite nicely actually. The special effects aren’t fantastic, but not bad.

There are a lot of famous folks in this movie, and I think everyone did a fine job. Guy Pierce was the schmoozer bad guy and he did it with a bit of camp, but in a good way. Lucy Lawless was the evil little desk clerk who wanted to keep Sandler in his lowly job, and she was pretty over the top too, but it works.

I didn’t come away from the movie wanting to see it again. I do think kids will appreciate it a lot. The children are excellent, and their little furry friend would seem funnier if I was about 30 years younger, but I get it. Fuzzy rodent with big eyes, funny..ha ha

Overall I’m not bowled over, but I was amused and it is memorable enough to make me recommend it to some of the parents of little rodents I know out there in the world.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Bedtime Stories is a colorful movie and Blu-Ray amplifies that fact. As we said in the podcast it was enjoyable but maybe not something that I will watch again. Bedtime Stories does showcase the fact taht Disney have a knack forf producing superb transfers with deep blacks and stunning detail. The Gumball scene is almost reference quality and a good still frame can help you calibrate your display’s color settings easily.

Audio on the Blu-Ray version is 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital 5.1 on the DVD version. There is quite a difference in the uncompressed version with some surprising use of bass in the space battle sequences. Overall an OK movie with a much more than OK transfer and soundtrack. Recommended to those who have little ones.

Value: 4/10
I enjoyed this movie, I just didn’t have that urge to put it on my shelf for future watching. I think it’s an excellent rental if you are a grown up who is curious about Sandler’s latest adventure. If you are a parent of some small kids who will watch and watch and watch..well, it might just be worth the investment. You get the DVD along with the Blu-Ray, so that’s a good deal, better than a trip to the theater for everyone.

Overall Score 6.75/10