Battleship Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
It’s better than I thought it would be. I reckon that will a sentence in a few of my reviews, along with others that might include words like awesome, stupid, lame, fun, exciting, and a variety of others that will no doubt contradict one another and what you will think of this movie. I wasn’t looking forward to it, that’s the truth. I saw a brief early trailer and thought it would be generic and even boring. It had elements of generic ideas, yes, I can’t argue against that. However, it’s not boring, not to me.

I was excited that it wasn’t what I expected. I love alien stuff. The alien ships are very intimidating and different from anything I have seen in a movie before, so that’s a great experience after so many years of watching the big screen. The aliens are powerful and look really cool, humanoid but a little scary. They aren’t here to have a good time, so expect some fire power to slide across your brain while you enjoy the ride.

I”m not that interested in the characters, they are the most generic part of the story. There is a hot dog loser trying to make good with his military brother, and officer and his future bride, daughter of the admiral. See, that’s kind of blah. The thing is, they are played OK, not great, but OK and that’s enough for this particular flick. I liked Skarsgard, he was my favorite in the whole thing. He convinced me that he’s a caring brother sick of his little sibling’s antics. Other than that, everyone is just reasonable.

The special effects take the show for me. Those water jumping alien ships, the aliens uniforms, the spinning killer giant balls that chew up roads and buildings, it all makes a great show.

There is some music that kind of gets the heart pumping. There are odes to veterans, which is a nice touch. Bringing the USS Missouri out of retirement for one last stand against a relentless foe can tug at the heart strings for sure. The thing it did for me though, it made me think, why the hell have we always blown the shit out of each other with guns and bombs? There will come a time when we have to stick together and battle something other than humans… let’s  start the heart warming human togetherness now, and get the jump on things:)

Features: 10/10

  • Alternate Ending Previsualization – As with most movies these days Battleship has an alternate ending. Being the massive special effect spectacle that it is though this is a previz ending that looks like a videogame from 1995.
  • The Visual Effects Of Battleship – A short look inside ILM as they make the special effects for Battleship. I just wish they had more on the creation of the aliens.
  • All Access With Director Peter Berg – Watch the movie again only this time Peter Berg will guide you through the experience. This feature includes Picture in Picture and behind the scenes. It’s almost worth the price of the disc just to watch this.
  • USS Missouri VIP Tour – Peter Berg takes you on a guided tour of the USS Missouri. You can’t help but feel his passion for everything nautical.
  • Commander Pete – A closer look at the man who directed Battleship, don’t try to eat junk food on his set. (you have been warned)
  • Preparing For Battle/All Hands On Deck/Engage In Battle – A trio of featurettes that take you through the making of the movie. If you have watched the All Access feature some of this is duplicated but interesting nonetheless.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The cover is lame, yes. I would not have it as a poster. It does nothing to sell me on the idea of the movie. I don’t like those covers with the stars slapped on the cover, if they aren’t doing it with a sense of humor. It seems kind of icky. It’s also boring. The menu is trying to be high tech with some slick interface computer action going on. The problem is that it’s got clips from the movie that give away a lot of the key moments. I am never a fan of that kind of menu.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Want a movie to show of f your Blu-Ray home theater? Battleship is it with luscious visuals from ILM and amazing sound design this is one of those discs you will pop in just to admire what this technology can do. This transfer is flawless from the opening scene to the end credits. Encoded in 1080P/AVC you will not find anything wrong with this transfer infact I challenge you to.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is a true wall shaker, this movie has explosions lot’s of them and every single one makes you feel like you were actually hit with a bass wave. Surround speakers are nearly always in action with precise pans as the aliens fire pegs at the Navy ships. Dialog is always centered and never muffled.

To sum up Battleship is one of the best presentations of a theatrical movie on Blu-Ray this year. Even if you dislike the source material I challenge you to not enjoy the spectacle of it all.

Value: 8/10 Rented
Rent it. Get it on your queue and enjoy some action on a night after work. Get the popcorn and maybe later watch something like Alien or other extra terrestrial movie to cleanse the pallet.

Overall Score 7.5/10