Bambi 2 Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 5/10
Let’s get one thing straight, this is a movie that children will like.  It is a Disney release, and it has great characters and the story is somewhat engaging.  My son will probably dig this if I can sit him down long enough to watch it.   Good animation and animals just kind of go together, and again, kids will like this movie.  That, however, does not mean that this is a great Disney release.

I know that Cidtalk in her review references the fact that she does not do comparisons between movies, but when your movie review is a sequel to a Disney classic, (or midquel, as it technically takes place in the middle of the Bambi movie) you can’t help but make comparisions.  Bambi 2 is unfortunately going to be compared to Bambi, and the result is (somewhat predictably) not going to be good for the midquel.

Bambi 2 takes place after the heart wrneching death of Bambi’s mother in the original movie.  Bambi is forced to deal with the loss, and his ultimate focus, which is to gain the respect of his father, but in teh meantime, he also has to battle his fear of the forest, which as we know in the original movie, can be a terrifying place to live.

Returning with Bambi are his close friends Thumper, Flower and Friend Owl.  The crew, now kind of on their own, are attempting to battle the loss and help Bambi take his rightful place as heir to the thrown as Prince of the Forrest, which his father currently is.  the group (which in a change from the original movie) is now bubbly and chatty and more playful than before as they search for a surrogate mother to help bambi on his journy.

The midquel is a strange mix of frolic and fear, and while the story really isn’t all that bad, the execution just is not what it could have been.  You can’t help but compare here, and this isn ot the original.  And while the kids will enjoy this movie, it is not something that I would want to see more than once.  Bambi 2 is just not a Disney classic.

Features: 4/10

  • Four Interactive Learning Games – Included on the disc are several interactive games that are definitely geared towards kids, and involve things like recognizing colors and simple math.  Again, aimed squarely at little kids.
  • Deleted Song “Sing The Day” – This is an extra song that did not make the final cut of the movie.
  • Disney’s Sketch Pad How To Draw Thumper – Various artist’s sketches from the movie are presented here.
  • The Legacy Continues – In this extra, we get about 8 minutes of interviews and background about the Bambi story and Bambi 2.  Set in interviews of cast and crew, this gives a bit of the background into why this was made.
  • Bambi’s Trivia tracks – Created for younger kids, this is a pop up trivia game based on the movie.
  • DVD Version Of The Film – 

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
The cover and the menu for Bambi 2 is a nice trhow back to the original.  The old style artwork and the orcehstral music in the menu really do make this seem like a Disney classic, even though in reality it falls far short of that  moniker.  The menu is alive with color and animation, and the cover is just what you would expect for a sequel (midquel) like this one. 

Audio & Video: 8.5/10
The 1080p AVC encoded presentation is just what you would expect from Disney: solid.  Imagine the old style artwork animation presented in a beautiful, crisp, high definition package, and that is what you get here.  Bright, sharp colors, insanely detailed artwork, and just an overall great visual experience.  This is the presentation that you would want all of the classic (sometimes less than sharp) older movies to look like, but they were not created with high definition in mind.  This Blu-ray is presented with that in mind.  The audio is good also, with a great mix and nice use of the rear speakers.  I notice a lack of real bass, but to be honest, the older movies lacked that ummph as well, and it is almost like it was meant to be.

Value: 3/10
I am not always sure what the impetus is for redoing and revisiting some of these old Disney classics.  This movie will still be a big splash with kids, but overall, I just think it does nothing to improve on what is a brilliant Disney story.  Sometimes things should just be left alone to stand on their own, and to me, this is a case where Bambi already did pretty good for himself (minus the whole mom dying thing).  Don’t mess with the original.

Overall Score 5/10