Aquaman 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10
He’s wet. He’s full of protein. He can breath under water. He likes beer.  He has  stomach muscles. He might just save the whole dang world with a stick. Well, that’s about it. What else is there to say about a guy who has a woman from the lost city of Atlantis and a fisherman for parents? Yea, it’s comic book stuff, and I like it.

This is  a spectacle of CGI and stunts and lots of shiny abs. The abs I could do without, but seeing Atlantis is very satisfying indeed. Yes, there are flaws in the visual effects, but that’s to be expected when you create an entire underwater world from imagination and bits and bytes.

As for the story, the people of the ocean are divided into very different cultures. One dude wants to rule them all. No he doesn’t have a ring forged in the fires of Mount Doom, but there is a big stick with pointy things on the end that will do the trick. Of course, he needs to find it and to find it he needs to do some stuff, and someone has to get in the way, which is our Aquaman. (Side note, for some reason WordPress, Windows, and Google think Aquaman is not a word, rude. ) So, our hero needs to choose to get involved in this big drama under the sea because his half brother is the guy who wants to attack all the land dwellers like you and me.

To save “the world” is always the job of our super heroes, but I do like the idea of our human world just being at threat by other beings on our own planet, not some invaders from another galaxy or dimension.

I like the cast, the vibe, the sets, most of the CGI, and the story holds itself together just enough to make this a very entertaining little flick.

Overall I would say Aquaman fits right in the universe of all the super hero movies from the last 20 years or so and I would even watch it again if I was in the mood for some Nicole Kidman fighting action!

Features: 8/10

  • Going Deep Into The World Of Aquaman (19 Minutes) – A look at all aspects of the making of the film. Similar to a promotional feature and not as in depth as it lets on.
  • Becoming Aquaman (13 Minutes) – Jason Momoa talks about his training for the role and the tone he took for the title character.
  • James Wan: World Builder (8 Minutes) – On set clips with James Wan and talk about his older movies.
  • Aqua Tech (6 Minutes) – A look at the previz and CGI stills that revolve around the technology of Atlantis.
  • Atlantis Warfare (5 Minutes) – A look at the weaponry of the film and some of the creatures.
  • The Dark Depths Of Black Manta (7 Minutes) – An interview with Yahya Abdul-Mateen who takes us through the character of Black Manta.
  • Heroines Of Atlantis (6 Minutes) – Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman discuss Mera and Atlanna.
  • Villainous Training (6 Minutes) – Patrick Wilson is focused on here as we take a look at the training it took to get him in shape for the role.
  • Kingdoms Of The Seven Seas (7 Minutes) – Dolph Lundgren takes you through a quick tour of the seven kingdoms.  Dolph looks like hes reading off a card which is quite funny to watch.
  • Creating Undersea Creatures (7 Minutes) – A VFX featurette that looks at the underwater animals, this movie has sea horses and sharks with guns on them and here we get to see how they are made.
  • A Match Made In Atlantis (3 Minutes) – Jason Momoa and Amber Heard talk about the bond they had on the set.
  • Scene Study Breakdowns (11 Minutes) – A look at three of the key scenes from Aquaman.
  • Shazam Sneak Peek (3 Minutes) – A scene from the next DC blockbuster.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 9/10
Aquaman comes to 4k and Blu-ray courtesy of Warner and a very well executed transfer. Presented in a mixed aspect ratio of 2.40:1 and 1.78:1 this Imax transfer is very sophisticated in terms of technology. Exceptional detail especially in the battles towards the end and vivid color palettes are what this film is all about. Black levels are very deep and flesh tones are natural. Aquaman is a great looking movie that will not disappoint fans.

The Dolby Atmos track is even better than the picture quality with amazing 7.1 surround throughout. LFE is almost house shaking in the main battle sequences and the score which resembles Tron Legacy in parts comes across clean and crisp. As with all Warner releases though make sure you pick the Atmos track from the main menu as it defaults to the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track by default.

Overall Score 7/10