Allegiant Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I like the world of Divergent. It make sense to me in a Science Fiction kind of way. It’s fun, exciting, and it plays on a lot of weird human things, which makes it even better. I have been rethinking my anti-franchise stance and come to the conclusion that movie series like The Hunger Games, the Marvel Universe, the DC collection, and Divergent are not different from TV series, so why was I always so opposed to it? NO idea. Now I enjoy the episodic story of this world of devastation and post nuclear life with the factions and now of course, the big power who are controlling everyone.

This time around we meet the council and a dude who apparently has Chicago and it’s interests at heart, or maybe not. Not all things are what they seem, of course. Our leading lady doesn’t go true to form in my judgement, she kind of becomes weaker than before and Four comes to the front as the tough one, and I like it.

I enjoy the ride we are on with our band of “rebels” to follow through the changes their world is going through. I’m not that attached to them individually, which is my main complaint about this franchise. I don’t feel we have to know them as deeper characters, just the superficial versions of who they are supposed to be. I am not a fan of the romance stuff with Four and Tris, but I can live with it.

Overall the whole story is a grand adventure through the strife and complications of being human in a torn apart world. I like visions of the future and destruction and how fictional writers will address the issues that happen. I’m looking forward to the end of their story, not that it ends, but to see how it all comes together.

For the most part I just settle into my chair and go along for the journey and that is one of my favorite things about being a movie lover:)

Features: 7/10

  • Audio Commentary With Producers Douglas Wick & Lucy Fisher
  • Battle In The Bullfrog (4 Minutes) – A look at the craft used to transport troops.
  • Finding The Future: Effects & Technology (10 Minutes) – Looks at the mixture of CG and practical effects used in the action sequences.
  • Characters In Conflict (6 Minutes) – A quick look at the principal cast.
  • The Next Chapter: Cast & Characters (7 Minutes) – Similar to the last featurette but with more detail on Triss.
  • Building The Bureau (12 Minutes) – A look at Chicago’s O Hare airport and how it was utilized in this vision of the future.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Nope. Boring. I would not have this as a poster. There are so many other great images from this world they live in, I don’t need to see them doing fake set up action stuff.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Allegiant comes to Blu-Ray courtesy of Lionsgate Films with an AVC encoded 1080P transfer in 2.40:1 aspect ratio. Filmed digitally in 6k this is a striking looking transfer that often is its own worst enemy. The CG in this movie is bad to say the least, don’t get me wrong some of it looks fine but the chase sequence in those bubble ships, I have seen better CG in some YouTube videos. The sharp nature of the transfer makes the CG shots look soft and worse than they should look. On the bright side though facial detail is high and skin-tones are natural, the film does have a lot of color grading and looks a lot like Ridley Scott’s recent film the Martian if you have seen that.

As with The Hunger Games Lionsgate go all out on the audio for the Divergent Series using a Dolby Atmos TrueHD 7.1 track for those lucky enough to own the equipment to listen to it. This is a wild, forceful track that makes the movie better than it actually is, the score for this movie is overlooked and can draw a lot of comparisons to Tron. Dialog is clean and central and surround sound is used throughout the run-time. This is a great sounding disc that will impress the most jaded of you.


Overall Score 7/10