Alice In Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

“While most people know the story and have some experience with the movie, it is amazing how fantastical and bizarre the movie really is.”

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
The cover for Alice in Wonderland: 60th Anniversary edition is quite colorful and attractive.   Even though this is a movie from the 1950s, the artwork and color are superb, and the cover is no exception.  the menu is very nicely done, if not a bit dated and a bit static.  Overall for this release this is pretty spot on.

Features: 10/10

  • Through The Keyhole: A Companion’s Guide To Wonderland – This is an amazing extra that details the life of Lewis Carroll, and the entire story behind Walt Disney’s infatuation withmaking this movie.  This is an excellent feature well worth a look.
  • Painting The Roses Red Interactive Game – This is a very strange game that is tied to the movie.  Not at all worth a viewing.
  • Walt Disney Color TV Introduction (1959) – This is just what it says, as Walt Disney himself introduces the movie during the holidays.
  • Reference Footage: Alice & The Doorknob – Kathryn Beaumont, who voiced the character of Alice, introduces some footage of her as a child, in front of a door.  the footage was used by the animators as a reference for the movie.
  • Pencil Test: Alice Shrinks – In another neat feature, we get a pencil test of one of the scenes presented by Kathryn Beaumont.  The pencil test is explained, and it is explained that for one to exist is rare.
  • Reflections Of Alice Featurette – This is a shorter version of the Lewis Carroll story presented in the reflections of Alice.
  • Alice’s Wonderland – This extra is from the Disney vaults, and is one of the first shorts that Walt Disneydid.  He combined a live action little girl Alice with his animation to create a very strange, but amazing little group of shorts movies.  This is fun to see as an early Disney work, as well as the included “Through the Mirror” which was a later Mickey Mouse take on the Lewis Carroll story, well before Alice in Wonderland was taken on by Walt Disney.
  • Deleted Scenes and Art Gallery – Just what it says.  We get to see some of the deleted scenes as well as a nice collection of artwork for the movie.  There is also a long lost song for the Cheshire Cat that was left out of the final version of the movie.
  • Others – There are various other inclusions on the Blu-ray that were included in the 2004 release, and are too lengthy to mention.  This release has everything a Disney fan , or an Alice fan, could ever want.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – We get a normal version of the movie on DVD ,but no mobile version which is a shame.

The Movie: 8/10
Alice in Wonderland is a strange tale originally done by Lewis Carroll, a stoic math professor at Oxford University, which has become one of the best known fantasy stories ever.  The tale about a young Alice who takes a trip among the Mad Hatter and Chesire Cat is simply captivating and amazing, and the Disney take on the original is no exception.  Made int he 1950’s, the Alice in Wonderland that is now being released on Blu-ray is simply one of Disney’s greatest works.  The level of artwork and animation still stands up to this day,  and the movie is simply an experience.

While most people know the story and have some experience with the movie, it is amazing how fantastical and bizarre the movie really is.  While many feel that the movie itself had too much going on (Disney animator Ward Kimball stated there were too many cooks trying to make their own scenes shine for there to be any real flow to the movie) the result is still amazing.  It is not my favorite Disney release, but the animation and artwork, as well as the character design and voice work is simply stunning.  Alice in Wonderland is one f the classics, right up there with Peter Pan and the Jungle book.

The Blu-ray release includes so many extras, and such a brilliant transfer of the movie that it is simply amazing.

Audio & Video: 8/10
For a 60 year old movie, the colors and animation seem as if it were made yesterday.  I was shocked by the flawless transfer, with the colors really popping off of the screen.  It was hard to remember that this was so old.  The audio was a little bit different story, with there being no real stereo release from 1950.  The release does feature a remastered DTS-HD soundtrack, but there is only so much they could do with this audio.  It is obviously on older release, and it sounds like it, which is to be expected nonetheless.  Overall this is just a well done re-release of an ancient movie.

Value: 9/10
The Blu-ray release of this classic Disney movie is one for everyone’s own personal collection.  I love the way Disney completely remaster these classic everything but the kitchen sink-Blu-ray releases.   What a great way to get the favorites for your home collection.  They do an excellent job of giving us a great bunch of classic extras also, and they always include some goodies from the Disney vaults.   I highly recommend this release on Blu-ray for any Disney fan (and who isn’t a Disney fan) as well as all fans of good animation.

Overall Score 9/10