After The Show 47 The Dark Knight Blu-Ray Review

“We are probably the last people in the world to see Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins sequel, but hey better late than never right. We also recommend Blu-Ray players for the holidays and talk networking.”

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3 thoughts on “After The Show 47 The Dark Knight Blu-Ray Review

  1. Thanks for the comments Ryan, the Batman ring tone is a limited edition I am afraid you are to late 🙂 And wise choice on picking up the Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight the movie is so good it makes you realize why you like movies so much.

  2. Great podcast, I actually took Ascully’s advice today and bought the Blu-Ray rather than renting the movie. I believe I have the exact same D-Link router as you were talking about and love it. It’s fast and doesn’t allow someone else on the network to destroy my gaming :-D. I do have one question, when do you plan to release the Batman ringtone? 😛

  3. Movie Recommendations for the week

    Ascully – Batman Begins/American Psycho

    Cidtalk – Kill Bill Volume One/Kill Bill Volume 2

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