2 thoughts on “After The Show 247 E.T Blu-Ray Review

  1. Hey Rob been using Windows 8 now for a few days and it’s really starting to grow on me. At first I had no idea what the hell was going on but the speed boost that comes with the new OS is something I would have a hard time losing if I every had to go back to Win7.

  2. Ee bye gum and ecky thump. Another excellent show from you and your good lady wife. So glad this all-time great has been given a stellar release.

    Added this Blu-ray to my Christmas wants list. Lets hope Santa thinks i’ve been a good boy this year.

    I remember watching this huddled on a settee with the family, all peering at a 14″ black and white portable. Dad was an english copper and managed to get his hands on a pirate VHS copy (tut!). He even had to borrow a VHS player as owning one was still a distant dream at that time (cue the Monty Python Yorkshireman sketch). Very ropey picture, but we all still bawled our eyes out towards the end. Except me, of course. As a 13 year old Yorkshire lad i didn’t know how to cry. It just got very dusty in the room, thats all.

    Strange you mentioned C Thomas Howell in ET. Did you spot him as the dad on the bridge/crane operator in the most recent Spiderman movie. Hadn’t seen him for years until that movie.

    Thanks again for this and all the other reviews. I’ve added Moonrise Kingdom to my buy list, but will hold off listening to your review until after i’ve watched it.

    Keep reporting back on Windows8. I’m interested in it, but am holding off for the time being. It’ll be good to hear your experiences over the coming months.

    Toodle-oo for now.

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