A Quiet Place 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10

OK so I can’t get away with that being the whole review. A Quiet Place is that kind of movie that makes me glad to love movies. It’s not a big life changer or particularly full of bells and whistles…ohhhh and  that’s a good thing! 🙂 It’s just got a different vibe, a way of telling a story. The title gives that little hook away:) In a time and place when there has been some kind of alien invasion the family we meet has figured out that they have to be quiet…very very quiet.

That’s pretty much the whole story, but it’s the time we spend with the family that’s interesting. Yes, the father and mother have special skills, just like Liam Neeson but different, that help with survival. There is a deaf daughter so they all know sign language which is handy….oh, that was an unintended pun. All their coping tricks and the way they have fixed up their farm to keep them alive is interesting. I like just looking around each scene to see all the ideas that these characters have come up with through this whole traumatic ordeal.

I guess that’s my favorite part of the movie, the pressure they are under and how they still find a way. While the circumstance might be wild and a bit unbelievable (like where do they get all the electricity?), it’s still part of our human being drive to stay alive that has always pushed us through the most extraordinary obstacles. I have no doubt if we were invaded by a giant insect that is blind but has very weird cool “ears” that can detect a heartbeat, well, we would find a way.

The performances are really good, so good I was not even looking at them as performances, just as the people in the situation. That’s always a good thing. The look of the whole movie is actually beautiful. The colors and sets are slightly muted, as most apocalyptic stories are, but it makes it a pleasure to look at, and then when something terrible happens it is that much more dramatic in contrast to the subtly of everything else.

My heart was racing and I thought about being in that situation, which was more terrifying than the movie even was. I think that’s the thing about this story, it’s not new, let’s face it. Alien invasion has been covered from many angles and humans having to adapt is just about every story we tell about ourselves. I happen to like that story, if it’s zombies, or meteors, or aliens, or the core of the Earth stops turning I like the idea of us having to overcome. Hmm come to think about it, not the core thing, unless we get a remake:)

Features: 7/10

  • Reading The Quiet: Behind The Scenes Of A Quiet Place (15 Minutes) – A look at the script and building a movie around the idea of no dialog.
  • The Sound Of Darkness: Editing Sound For A Quiet Place (12 minutes) – Sound Design is a major part of what makes A Quiet Place so effective. Here we interview the actual sound engineers behind the film.
  • A Reason For Silence: The Visual Effects Of A Quiet Place (7 Minutes) – ILM take us through what it took to bring the monsters to the big screen.
  • 4kUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Shot on actual film A Quiet Place is a very very good looking movie on 4K and Blu-ray format. The grain film provides is maintained throughout and gives the film a gloriously gritty almost 1970’s look. Detail levels are very high and colors are on the warmish side. Shadow detail is great especially during the movies climax.

A Quiet Place will probably win some awards for sound design and it’s a masterful lesson in how less is more. The movie has a massive difference in loud and quiet sounds and produces some jump scares from that whole set up. Surround sound is off the charts here with noises coming from every angle.

Overall Score 7/10