2 Guns Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I can’t help myself, this movie was super satisfying and dare I say, exciting! I’m not a fan of lots of fight scenes or big action sequences most of the time. They can be boring, monotonous, mindless, did I say boring? However, sometimes a director, cast, and the team behind the stunts/effects can pull together that elusive intangible quality that makes my eyes open wide and brain engage. I don’t need to tell you about the cast. You know the names, you know the back catalogs, and you know what these Hollywood heavy hitters bring to the screen. They do a fine job. There is an exception, but you watch it and figure out who that is. It doesn’t take away from the overall movie experience, it is just a little bit of a distraction. OK, it’s the female lead. She’s not up to par with the action, the power performances, or the level of umph this flick has. She could have been written better, portrayed better, cast better….the only weakness of the movie for me.

What did I enjoy about this movie? The casual performances didn’t creep up on obnoxious, most of the time, so it was fun to watch these guys cut loose a little bit. The dialog hooked me most of the time, even if there were times when it got a bit low brow. I didn’t see things coming, which is always a bonus. I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s element of predictability, but then I was surprised from time to time and that won me over for sure.

The fights were short enough, the car sequences were interesting, the shooting was not like being assaulted in the brain by virtual bullets, these things matter to me. The pace is go go go, but not so much that it makes it cheap. You see a pattern forming here, don’t you? I don’t like action flicks as much as other types of movies. It takes a certain combination of qualities to give me that sense of satisfaction when it’s all over. I do like empty calorie movies, and this would qualify as one of those for sure, but sometimes the emptiness is too profound. 2 Guns has a good balance of the sugary cakey badness of a Twinkie with the beautiful unhealthiness but satisfying experience of a Caramel Frappuccino (with whipped cream). Neither is good for you, offers nothing for you in the long-term, but in the moment they do the trick and put a smile on the face. Some movies have similar qualities, but as I watch it’s like eating a whole chocolate cake that wasn’t very good on the first bite, but the mood for chocolate and sugar is enough to keep going, and then in the end you just feel blah.

2 Guns is memorable, fun, yes violent and quite testosterony at times, but ultimately I would watch this one again!

Features: 7/10

  • Click Click Bang Bang: The Making Of 2 Guns – A 30 minute making of split into four sections. This is actually quite an awesome feature and goes into every aspect of the films production.
  • Feature Commentary With Director & Producer – Director Baltasar Kormakur and Producer Adam Siegel – Two totally different personalities here which makes a weird uneven commentary. They do answer most of the questions you might have if you are a true fan though.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes – Eight deleted scenes that add little to nothing to the film. Remember kids they are deleted scenes for a reason.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
Not bad, not bad. The only complaint I have about the cover is that if you look at it close enough you might just get the feeling you are seeing something happening from the movie. I prefer to have an image that gives the vibe of the whole thing and not a slice from it. If it weren’t for the guns, which I find incredibly boring, I might have this as a poster. Let’s say the could be holding paint brushes or baguette’s :).

Audio & Video: 9/10
2 Guns brings this big popcorn buddy cop flick to the small screen with a touch of panache. The 1080P AVC encode Universal have perfectly crafted here is second to none, with no instances of macroblocking, black crush or edge enhancement. Most of the movie is set in the desert and the spaghetti western vibe really shines through. 2 Guns is a popcorn flick for the masses and the transfer here is pretty much flawless.

The DTS-HD Master audio 5.1 track does exactly what you would expect, it makes this action movie feel full of action. Bullet’s flying, helicopters crashing and banks being robbed all come across with a clean slick bass heavy feel. Dialog is also very clean Washington and Wahlberg’s dialog has to compete with a lot of gunfire but none of it gets lost in the mix. This is a true delight for anyone interested in action, laughs and most of all theatrical quality presentation.

Value: 6/10
Rent it for maximum value. Buy it if you want to spend around $30. I don’t think it’s worth that much, but it’s still an awesome action movie to fill a night on the couch. The movie is enough to make it worth the digital download price, and the good extras are a bonus.

Overall Score 8/10