10 Cloverfield Lane Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
There could be spoilers in this little review of mine, but now you know so if you don’t like spoilers go watch the movie and then read the rest:) I don’t usually give away much about a movie when do these write ups. I try to give a wide overview and my gut reactions. Sometimes, however, a movie has those little hooks or twists that pretty much make it what it is and it’s hard not to mention them. I like to be in the total dark about a movie before I  see it. I don’t even care who is in it or what it’s about or who directed it. I like to sit, look at the screen, and just buckle in for whatever comes. That being said, this movie has, well, it’s got….there are these, um, it features a…… Fine, I can’t do it.

I’ll be a vague as ever. If you want to see the movie, watch it. It’s not rocket science. (by the way, is rocket science that hard really?).

I really really enjoyed this movie. It’s got all the bits and pieces that make me glad to be a movie lover. I’m not a fan of John Goodman, so there’s that, but everything else is exactly the way I would like to spend a Saturday afternoon at the movies. The thriller aspect captivates me. A young woman finds herself held hostage (or is she) in a bunker of some sort. She’s injured, afraid, and is being looked after by a man who seems OK, sort of. That’s Goodman, he’s the dude who has chained her up and it’s questionable if he’s the one who caused her injuries.

She is processing her confinement as she learns more and more about the dude and their situation. He makes outrageous claims about the world being unfit for human life. He says they are safe from the bad air. We even encounter someone who might confirm these claims, but there is always a question mark hanging over the whole thing. I really dig that. I did see Cloverfield, the precursor but not prequel to 10 Cloverfield Lane, so I have some insight as to what is or is not going on. That does change the viewing of this movie. If you come into it not having seen Cloverfield, all the better. I say watch this one, and THEN watch Cloverfield. It makes an even better story actually.

As for suspense and fear Dan Trachtenberg’s directing does do a lot for the horror lover in all of us. He extracts performances from the whole cast, all three of them, that bring me into their bunker and believe. There are even a couple of scenes with John Goodman that didn’t make me roll my eyes. Trust me, I am on a fan and never have been, but that’s a whole other article:) Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. are the champions of the whole movie to me. I am convince they are afraid or that they have come to terms with their “safety/imprisonment”. There are a lot of subtleties that bring their characters the credibility you need in a movie with a cast of 3. The gestures, the expressions, the relaxed or tense moments were convincing. That’s coming from a super skeptic when it comes to people being “afraid” in scary movies.

From start to finish this movie made me excited to like movies. It dug deep into the fear bucket, and yet stepped away from its mother-ship genre.

Features: 8/10

  • Commentary By Director Dan Trachtenberg & Producer J.J Abrams – A very cool commentary in which first time filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg explains what it’s like to work on a Bad Robot set. It’s quite obvious JJ Abrams and Dan really get along and are impressed with each others work.
  • Featurettes (34 Minutes) – At first I read Featurettes and thought oh dear we are in for a bunch of EPK style films that tell us nothing. I was wrong though, this series of featurettes which you can play as one big film are essentially a making of the movie. It’s broken down into the following sections. Bunker Mentality, Duck and Cover, Spin-Off, Kelvin Optical, Fine Tuned, and End of Story. It’s totally worth watching this as it really shows you what it takes to make a movie like this.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
Just looking at this review and the image right above this section I am thinking THAT would be a better cover. I am not interested in the actual cover. It’s got a more TV Horror Show vibe. I would have a poster from this movie, but not that cover.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Paramount bring 10 Cloverfield Lane to Blu-Ray with a high quality 1080P AVC transfer that is impressive to say the least. Most of the movie takes place in a dingy underground bunker which usually means bad news in terms of clarity and contrast. Not here though black levels are perfect all the way through and skin tones and fine detail shine in every respect. Not sure if this film was shot digital or on film, but the image looks very filmic to me with fine grain that enhances the picture depth.

Audio is astounding using Dolby Atmos to full effect. The closing scenes have sounds that come from above as well as below which is a true showcase for the new technology. LFE levels are great during the crash sequence at the start and dialog is centrally focused as it should be. Overall this is atop notch movie and a top-notch disc to add to your collection.

Overall Score 7.5/10